Is The New XCOM A Shooter? Judge For Yourself

Is The New XCOM A Shooter? Judge For Yourself

2K Games has just now gotten around to posting its 20-minute E3 demonstration of XCOM; the voice-over script is the same that I heard in 2K’s booth, so you may judge for yourself what this game really is, what it isn’t, and what it really stands for.

I stand by my original impressions, and I’m still intrigued enough to want to see the final product. XCOM is due for a March 6 release.

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  • I havent play xcom, but i am not a fan of abusing
    a name of a product thats not the same to sucker in fans of the orignals. See if they didnt call it xcom the game would of saved alot of critism. But its a australian game, so i will buy it.

    • Yep. For all I know the game could be great but the name makes me want something else, not this. They coulda just called it ‘Enemy Unknown’ or ‘Bad Shit Happening’ but they chose to use the fame of the X-COM name and made a lot of people sad. It was like a big expensive troll…

      But yes, a squad shooter is still a shooter.


    Well it looks like an alright game to me. So it’s not the space flyer you wanted, doesn’t mean that game isn’t coming too. Why can’t the franchise have other games there too?

    • For the same reason that why couldn’t 2k have had a little bit of faith in their product sure this game looks alright but does it truly need or warrant the xcom name

      No it doesn’t

      And now and forever more all the newer generation of gamers are ever going to associate the xcom name with is this game

      Which basically means we will never see another true xcom game

      This is completely different story to fallout 3 which used a pre established universe and its inhabitants.

      The first thing this game has done is gone right reboot none of the other games happened different aliens 40 years earlier

      There is no common ground to connect this game to the xcom franchise

  • This reminds me of fallout and one of the most rude things I ever read. If i remember correctly when Fallout 3 was in development Bethsada gave a sneak peek and interview to some fallout fansite and they used every question to challenge Bethsada’s design choice finally coming out and saying that they shouldn’t call it Fallout 3 because it wasn’t a real fallout game.
    The fan just seemed so rude, if people are making a type of game, complaining isn’t going to magically change it’s genre.

  • I feel really sorry for the people making this game – it is going to flop and flop badly – another lesson in trying to please too many and ending up pleasing no one.

    There is some interesting things in here – but the second I saw cover based mechanics I started to lose interest. I know cover based games work for Consoles but really making every game a cover based shooter just because it will be on consoles is like having everyone in a resturant only able to eat their soup with a straw because there might be a disabled person in the place.

    Why do apt gamers on the PC have to be forced to take the short bus with strawberry windex flavoured windows just because it has console gamers banging their 2 pieces of wood together drooling all over what was once a great past time playing computer games.

  • Where is the strategy in this??..

    2K have got it so far from the mark it is bordering on laughable..

    This game was in development prior to Bioshock, and it still looks like… this. Well, what can I say.

    You drag the good name of X-com through the mud and release yet another generic POS shooter. Fantastic.

    When will be see another true turn based, squad based, strategy/tactical game?

    Doesn’t sound hard, but the gaming industry seems to think it is.

  • Whatever they did they were screwed.

    If they made a replica of the original with better graphics it would have faded into obscurity faster than a gas station receipt and been torn apart by reviewers unfamiliar with the original who found it unaccessible and unintuitive.

    If they’d made a sequel they would only be able to market to people familiar with the originals which were more than a decade ago and have lost more than their share of fans.

    Look at it from this perspective.

    If this game takes off, what are they going to be aiming at for the next game?

    More and different aliens, bigger squads, more research potential, greater tactical options, more flexible environments and search-and-destroy/snatch and escape missions (the demo looks like a corridor without many options about tackling the set points) and maybe approaching the era of the original with more similarities.

    They were never going to be able to keep everyone happy with this game but, if it succeeds, it might reinvigourate the licence and interest in the originals.

    • or they could have not called it XCOM.

      Called it Alien Invasion(or something better)

      And people would probably be fine with it.

      It actually looks like it could be a decent enough game.

      The sole problem is that they have tacked the XCOM name on it.

      As for the where is the next game gonna go. My senses suggest it will do exactly what bioshock 2 did. it will be the same as the first.

      Bioshock might have been inspired by system shock 2 but at the same time it didn’t ensure the demise of the original franchise. The franchise may never make a return but at least it won’t be sullied in the same way that Duke nukem forever did.

      In fact why didn’t they say it was a spirtual successor to XCOM. taking the tech elements and the like and creating a new universe.

      instead they came in said right reboot the old games are irrelevant.

      We’ll move it to the 40’s because that’s what 2K does. Change the aliens. boom look we just made bioshock in a non fantasy city but with aliens instead of crazy gene splicing.

  • I was hoping to be proven wrong. Despite being a hardcore X-Com fan there were many paths I could see for the game that would work to bring the games into a first person shooter style. Sadly, it seems that 2K went for the overused run-n-gun cover shooter approach rather than the hunter-prey type shooter it should have been.

    X-Com wasn’t just about the strategy, it was about hunting down aliens that were equally hunting down you, never knowing where they would strike from. That still works in a first person style so I don’t see why they had to go for outright action and firefights.

    Now that I’ve seen it in action, it feels even worse as the clear influence of Mass Effect shines through. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grunt wandered in and looked around confusedly, saying he should have turned left at Albuquerque.

  • well now that i got home i decided to watch the video. And this game has so much potential but once i saw the first person cover based shooting, i knew where the game was heading and it was disappointing.

    First off it would of been really awesome, to have only a few aliens that are completely unknown and really hone down on the unknown, sneaking though areas with the alien lurking around with only glimpses of its looks the fear that it could be anywhere in this crowded neighborhood could be a problem for the people.

    That would of been a more epic way of doing this, less alien enemies, more unknown and more focus on hunting/being hunted down.

    But what i sure was a cover based shooting gallery yawn. There just happened to be sand bags there, also whats with the enemies? they appear to act like humans and do the cover based shooting as well.

    Huge amount of potential seems lost in jumping on the bandwagon of modern trends. I dont see this as a 2k marine problem but more of a 2k publisher problem with them focusing them to make it a first person shooter followed by cover based.

  • I like a turn based game as much as anyone, Chess is great fun, but lets face facts, making a turn based strategy game was not going to fun a two year development cycle in two different studios was it?

    To that end and to any X-COM tragics out there think of this as analogous to Hollywood taking your favourite old 60s TV show and turning it into a blockbuster action movie, in a lot of ways it will fall short of its inspiration but it may just enliven interest in the overall brand if done well – and for my money this looks a very interesting game.

  • bah. everyone who simply accepts the game as cool has either
    -never played xcom; or
    -loves first person shooters a bit too much.

    Yes I think its an alright game…for an FPS.
    because despite all the “tactics” they were showing, you know you could just take out all the enemies by simply shooting and covering.

    you recover HP automatically when not being shot at? you can revive allies too? how is this NOT a shooter?

    Fail number 2 are the aliens themselves. “Technology aliens”? That is wayyy out of the realm of X-com aliens. And this is supposed to be a prequel as well.

    So all in all they have close to nothing that even pays homage to the original and they want to call this x-com? puh-lezee

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