Kinect Star Wars Delayed To Ensure Its ‘Potential’ Is Realised

Kinect Star Wars Delayed To Ensure Its ‘Potential’ Is Realised

Kinect Star Wars Delayed To Ensure Its ‘Potential’ Is Realised Kinect Star Wars has gotten a bit of a bad rap from most who have gone hands on with it, most citing lag as a real issue, but now Microsoft has announced it is delaying the game in order to provide an extra layer of polish.

“Microsoft and LucasArts have elected to move the launch of Kinect Star Wars beyond holiday 2011 to ensure the full potential of this title is realized,” a spokesperson informed OXM. “This move applies to both the Kinect Star Wars stand-alone game and the Kinect Star Wars Limited Edition Console. We will communicate additional timing information at a later date.”

As much as I do want to play a well made, motion controlled, Star Wars game, I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I wanted to play it on a console with more tactile motion controls – like with PS Move, or Wii Motion+. I love Kinect, but I want to hold something that I can pretend is a light saber. I can’t believe that game hasn’t been made yet!

Kinect Star Wars delayed [OXM]


    • In all seriousness – is there really ANYTHING they can do for this game that will make it any good?
      I’d say definitely not.

      Plus all the gameplay footage i have seen looks to be about as much fun as watching paint dry..

      I wish people would stop killing star wars

      • On Kinect, no. It’s the same problem that all kinect games have so far that I’ve noticed, the glued-to-one-spot-on-the-ground problem. Waving arms to hit things? That’s fine. Leaning to shift over somewhere? Check! Moving from the position your avatar is standing? Yyyyyyea.. not really. You simply can’t comfortably make a kinect leg movement system based on what’s been made for it so far, and ones like this do those movements for you it’s so cringeworthy just to watch.

        Some people that have modded the kinect, I saw one that was put into CoD4, he had the wiimote to handle the movement of your character, like what was done on Killzone 3’s move setting. I just think it can’t be done on kinect, plain and simple

  • This is both good and bad news. As well all know delaying a game to add extra polish could create a better product. Delaying it for too long however and you end up with DNF, a game that was polished so much it didn’t even resemble what you originally started with.

  • The most frustrating part of this game is that of all the motion sensitive contrololers out there, the developers chose one which DIDN’T HAVE YOU HOLD SOMETHING!!!
    Instead of developing for the wii motion + (just reskin red steel 2, you’ve done it dozens of times before) or for the move (okay, not quite as accurate but at least you have the tactile side and an analogue stick) they go for the Kinect, which involves empty hands… you HOLD lightsabers, yu don’t gesture at them!

    Please forgive the rant, but after seeing what Red Steel 2 did for swordplay, there is no reason not to have a Star Wars lightsaber game on the Wii.

    • There are some aspect of the game that are considerably more suited to kinect, such as the various force powers. For the lightsaber part of it, I’ll probably just grab one of the kids toy ones and use that 🙂

      • Force Unleashed Wii was closest to this. One hand for lightsaber. One hand for Force powers.

        That game was soooo fun.

        This game better ship with a bit of plastic that resembles a lightsaber. (Or even better, a saber-shaped device that improves Kinect tracking)

  • When I saw this at E3 it really did not look promising. There was a huge delay between what you did and what appeared on screen, which made it frustrating to just watch, let alone play. Here’s hoping that the delay in release reduces the delay in the game.

    • That kinect delay I see on every kinect game I’ve watched in action. It’s not huge, but enough for you not to miss it and be annoyed by it quickly if you were playing it personally.

  • Am I the only person on the planet who thinks the whole idea is just kinda stupid and childish? I mean, No amount of motion control is going to make me feel like I am the avatar that I can see on screen. It’s not going to convince me that I’m a Jedi, or that I have force powers. At best, I’m a puppet master, directing the guy on screen by gesturing like an idiot. Regardless of what system it’s on, or if that system offers something you can “pretend is a lightsaber” (though for that matter, with the Kinect thing, couldn’t you actually hold a replica lightsaber, thus making the experience -more- authentic?)

    It’s just a clunky, laggy method of doing something that we already had PERFECTLY GOOD CONTROLLERS FOR.

    Honestly, from day one, I felt like this was something that could really only be marketed at 10-year-olds.

    • Child of Eden is the best Kinect game, where the use of Kinect is a genuinely better experience than using the controller.

      • and look at the type of game that is (this is not a negative, I’ll be there Day 1 on the PS3, love Rez! :D), but CoE is something completely different that is generally suited to movement gestures, but the type of game they are making with Star Wars and other big name ‘core’ type games, it doesn’t work so well.

        No matter what it’s going to hurt your foot, they are simply looking to find a shoehorn that lessens the pain.

    • It’s really just the attempt for more deep immersion of the interaction between the player and the character on screen, trying to make you feel like you ARE the character.

      But truthfully I think the one that did that the most successfully to date is the PS3 Move.

  • Honesty, This for move with a limited edition lightsabre move control that looks like one, would Sell like legalized cocaine. The fact they haven’t made it, guess that MS is throwing some serious cash not to get it made for the move.

    The thing is that people hold random objects then make the light sabre noise, they dont wave there hands around.

    The thing is they have a better chance selling on the hoildays, afterwards it going to be canned, wont sell well and die.

    • THIS!

      I’m in the same boat. I don’t think I can break it to myself that I won’t be buying a Star Wars console for myself.

  • I cant beleive kinect hasnt died yet. its such a gimmicky pointless thing, real gamers arent gonna give a shit about it no matter what games you put on it..thats my opinion though. Long live star wars! surely 1 in 100 crap fests is bound to be epic (come ooon old republic..)

  • and they hope we forget all about it so it can fade into oblivion 😛

    now make a real lightsaber game with the Wii or the Move or something tangible, please

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