Remember Eight Days? Here’s Some Footage…

Remember Eight Days? Here’s Some Footage…

Remember Eight Days? The game that was being developed by Sony’s London Studio before being cancelled halfway through development? I remember being utterly enthralled by early footage of this game, but now footage of the game has been unearthed on YouKu of all places. Of course, the footage is of a half-finished game, but I’m starting to get a vibe for why Eight Days was cancelled in the first place.

It’s funny – the things that dazzle us at the beginning of a console’s lifespan seem so pedestrian towards the end. It’s all relative in the end. Perhaps Eight Days would have had the chance to blow our minds had it been released on schedule, but now? It just looks a little bit dated.

Thanks to Shiggy from NeoGAF!


        • Supposedly it was cancelled in 2008, so it would be safe to say that the footage is +3yrs old, which is the thing about the demos that were floating around, given enough polish it really could have been a decent and great looking co-op game…

  • whats with British studios and shredding environments? Well we have Bodycount coming what soon, is it out already who knows.

    Anyways from what i saw was potential for a great game right there. The gameplay looked solid and if it was combined with some crazy story it would of been alright to good game.

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