Resistance 3 Heads Down Under -- To Alice Springs!

We've just gotten word that the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Resistance 3 will feature a multiplayer map, designed specifically for 16 players, set in Alice Springs!

According to the PlayStation Blog, Australia has always featured massively in the universe of Resistance 3, so creating a multiplayer map set in Alice Springs made perfect sense.

Today we’re revealing the fourth of our major 16-player maps for Resistance 3. This map brings the fight to the Australian Outback, as the Main Street of Alice Springs, Australia is our latest MP map. Situated in the Northern Territory of Australia, Alice Springs is a sun-baked, dusty, desert town in Australia.

The land down under has always had an interesting place in the lore of Resistance, being the site of a gigantic refugee camp called Avalon One, and for years remaining a safe Haven even as Europe fell. Unfortunately, the enormous amount of refugees strained food supplies, and Civil War erupted in 1952. Eventually, as with everywhere else on the planet, the Chimera arrived. Now the remnants of civilization on the continent fight back in one of the most inhospitable climates to the Chimeran menace.

The design of the map appears to be tailored towards smaller scale, close quarters combat, and looks fantastic. The team has fully integrated the area of Alice Springs into the lore of Resistance's alternative universe, creating a newspaper report to chronicle the history of Alice Springs and how it fits.


    If I had a PS3, I'd buy this game just because of this.

    I would laugh if they added skippy to

    I'm now considering getting the game! Thats awesome

    That's a pretty cool development.

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      Oh cool so racism passes through moderation now?

        There is no moderation, only a report system (which doesn't seem to be working??)

          has anyone of you actually been to alice springs???

            Had you said the same thing but used the word "locals" instead, then your comment would have been humorous, and, most importantly, NOT RACIST, as it includes the "drunk un-educated white guys that could be running around in blue singlets" that chuloopa mentioned.

              Replies seem to be on the fritz, my previous comment was supposed to be directed against (the appropriately named) Richard Smack.

                Well that was easy fishing throwing the bait out and catching all these fish :D

              mine was both stereotypical AND racist

              2 birds, one stone

                As Mark said above, please use the report button! We do appreciate your feedback and don't encourage any offensive material to be posted.

                  Hey Taddy, maybe you and Ben could work on a way to reorganise comments after the deletion of an offensive comment. Seems to be a lot of orphaned comments in here :P Keep up the good work.

                  Must apologise, I didn't see the report button - didn't mean to derail from the news up top!

        Australian isn't a race, it's a nationality. At worst you can say he's being xenophobic but I think it's fairly obvious the comments are merely good-natured jesting.

      I was wondering how long before someone busted out the racists jokes with an AS map..

      What about all the drunk un-educated white guys that could be running around in blue singlets? Why do they never get mentioned?

        Because those beloved individuals run the government and the media.

        Australia is a racist country. But it's not particularly overt. More implied.

          Every country in the world is shockingly racist. Try being a 'gaijin' in Japan like one of my friends. Try being anything that's not American in America. Hell, try not being English in England. Try being the non-local ethnicity in Europe anywhere?

          It's just that in Australia? We're more open about it and honest. We're also more lighthearted about it than most.

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    The label he chose to describe them might have left a bit to be desired, but it was a job people lighten up a little. As someone who has actually been to Alice Springs, they don't do much to try and rid themselves of the stereotype.

    I'm not sold, all the cars are left hand drive...;) Were are the kingsy's and landcruisers?

      And all the dead Chimera with large knife wounds?

        Thats not a knife wound. THIS IS A KNIFE WOUND...

    hey, yeah, replies ARE on the fritz now.. lol

    meh. just looks like a red dead map to me.

    Dude says something racist, gets backlash, then say's he's just trollin'. Not buying it.

    Hey folks - can't stress this enough. Please use the report button! I've noticed a couple of guys have reported some posts in this story. Thanks for that! They've been trashed.

    Looks like they just threw together a reddish looking environment with American cars and buildings and called it Alice Springs. This doesn't look anything like it.

      It reminds me of a wild west town, its obvious that the dev team didnt do any research.

    You'd think they would implement unique weapons on this map... like a boomerang maybe? No wait... that'd be way too much fun.

    @Fatherofaya The offensive comment was removed and I can tell you that "Australian" was certainly not the racist word used.

    While I do not believe a word can be racist in itself, the nature of the comment was offensive.

    On topic: +1 @Cracks

    I'm surprised Wesley hasn't been mentioned, to be honest!

    as someone who has spent most of the year in alice springs and the greater N.T area,i can honestly say the most fun you could possibly have on that map is to run to the very edge and stare outwards...just like real life.

    Alice Springs is a racist place and in its defence so would the major cities if they had the same social problems that we experience out here (from a resident of Alice Springs for five years).

    I guess Alice gets a pretty bad rep.. I am born and raised in Alice.. lived here 23 years and still going.. Its really no different to anywhere else just smaller.. You know not to walk the streets at night and its pretty easy to spot the "I really shouldn't go there" areas.. I've never had any trouble here..

      I'm born and raised as well. Lived in Alice for 24 years but now in Sydney. My bro is still there. Alice is a racist town because there is a lot of racial issues. But it is from both sides. Numerous of times me and my friends have nearlly been jumped because we are white. But growing up 2 of my best friends were aboriginal.

    Chimera can cause all the chaos and destruction they want. I know I'm safe...

      The Chimera survive better in the cold, that's why its taken them so long to attack Australia.
      I like how that it actually makes sense, and makes the story and world seem just that little more realised.

    Holy geographical references Batman...

    You mean that Americans have gone with another place other then Sydney which they seem to think that its the only place in Australia.

    Going by the video, it looks like they never actually researched what Alice Springs looks like, I'm fairly sure that it never looked like a wild west town.

    I suppose it is nice to have a Australian map that isnt Sydney.

      True, but where are the Kingswoods or utes?
      Someone also pointed out lefthand cars.

    Back to the actual topic...

    Other than the name, WHY is this map named Alice Springs?? I've only been to Alice once and it didn't look like that.

    Also, YELLOW SCHOOL BUS. Yea... not in Australia.

      I haven't watched the clip but mate if you live/lived in a rural town you would have seen a yellow schoolbus

    They used the word Australia 4 times in the first paragraph... A bit odd. Sounds like they really want people to know where the map is set.

      Its because Americans dont know any other place in Australia other then Sydney, it gets kinda offensive that nearly every American documentary about Australia or features Australia is set in Sydney.

      But its pure American ignorance.

        Except for that movie called Australia by the Australian director, Baz Luhrmann, who was funded by the Australian government to make a film about Australia as part of a tourism campaign to try and get people to come to Australia.

        After typing "Australia" so many times, the word now just looks weird.

          Of course, thanks to Kangaroo Jack, Americans also think you can walk to Alice Springs from Sydney in an hour!


          And that we have rapping Kangaroos.



            Try reading it using Joolia Gillard's voice.

              To do that, remove 65+ IQ points and set yourself back 45 years...

                Also throw on a red wig, and ensure your homosexuality is in order.

        Although, Alice Springs has a fair amount of American residents thanks to the 'Space Base' (Pine Gap) - so in military circles, I think Alice Springs has a few extra points in recognition. Tom Clancy even mentions it in Rainbow Six, not that it's an indicator or anything.

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