So Much Time, So Many Crappy-Sounding 3DS Games.

The Nintendo 3DS gets flack for not having a killer line up. And so far, it doesn't. That flack is largely deserved, but it's flack that will, over time, disappear.

But until that happens, dig in Japanese 3DS owners.

As 2ch pointed out, here are known release dates for titles between August and November:

• August 25: 3D Speed Reading Right Brain Training with Both Eyes • September 1: Devil Survivor Overclock • September 22: Senran Kagura • September 22: Frogger 3D • October 13: Azito 3D • October 20: The Sims 3: Pets • October 27: Mame Shiba • October 27: Brave Company • November 17: Shinobi 3D • November 17: Cooking Mama 4 • November 17: Ocha Ken • November 23: Wizard and the Master New Ground • Hakuoki 3D

Japanese netizens pointed out that this looks like a list for "KOTY", or "Kuso Game of the Year" (Shit Game of the Year). There are a few gems in there, though.

And there are a couple good 3DS games already out -- what's more, the handheld is still early in its lifespan, but with so many titles cancelled, delayed or on ice, there is reason for concern. But!

Super Mario 3D Land is slated for a November release, and New Love Plus will be out sometime this fall. Then, Mario Kart 7 races out this December. Until then, it's going to be a long, hard slog. Sit tight and hang in there. Things can only go up from here.

9月以降に発売する3DSソフトの超豪華ラインナップにひれ伏せGKども [はちま起稿]


    My copy of Devil Survivor Overclocked shipped from amazon today. It's a good thing I never got around to playing it on the DS I guess ><

    It's 'Flak'. You're welcome.

      He used it three times as well. Times like this make me think Bashcraft's English is actually regressing into a feral, wolf-like creature.

    "September 22: Frogger 3D"

    Full-priced game no doubt. Yes. Frogger. That game that's been around for decades and just about every phone can play through a browser. Now with 3D.

    I know the number of decent 3DS games is pretty low compared to how many 3DS games there *are*... but is it all that different a percentage than it was with the DS?

    I walk into Best Buy and look at the yards and yards of DS games and see maybe 3 or 4 titles that are any good :-P... that probabaly has a lot to do with Best Buy only stocking things that have been released in the past 9-12 months, I realize, but still.

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