There Were Worse Mario Cartoons Than The American One

There Were Worse Mario Cartoons Than The American One

It has a certain nostalgic charm, yeah, but lets face it, the American Super Mario Bros. cartoons were pretty terrible. Poorly animated, poorly written, poorly voiced.

Next to the Japanese Mario cartoon, though, the American version looks like it was made by Disney.

Premièring around the same time as America’s The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, in 1989, Japan’s own Super Mario series (never shown or released outside Japan) consisted of only three “episodes”. Rather than coming up with new adventures for the stars of the video game series, the show’s producers instead opted to adapt three popular fairy tales and replace their characters with Mario, Peach, Bowser, etc.

Great idea in theory, but in practice, boy are these awful. For a nation that in many ways was and still is a children’s animation powerhouse (the 1980’s saw Japan give us Transformers and Robotech among other properties), these were barely animated at all.

You can see all three episodes in the gallery above. Note that we’re only looking at the televised anime series today; the Japanese animated film, from 1986, will get its own dedicated feature in the near future.

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This is part 2 of Super Mario Shirayuki-hime.


  • Man, I can only just remember those American cartoons.. Something about ‘out of the frying pn and into the fire’.

    .. Ehn. Might have to try and find the VHS somewhere.

    • There’s a channel on Foxtel that regularly shows Sonic, Donkey Kong, Mario cartoons and the worst of the worst of Saturday Morning Cartoons.

      It’s called KidsCo. Channel 718.

    • @Noamuth
      The episode is when Mario and Luigi try to infiltrate Koopa castle and end up in the lava zone and are chased by a small flame. It also had this 80’s soundtrack playing, because it could.

  • Still better than the Nintendo cartoons where the kid had all the Nintendo accessories and they gave him powers.
    Captain N was his name if i remember correct. Now that was a lame ass cartoon

  • Three things I thought after watching-

    1.) Wow Luigi kicks ass

    2.) Was the plot here that Mario was out for revenge? I’ve never seen that in any Mario game before. Interesting though, esp since he put the Princess in danger in his mad rage.

    3.) Holy crap did he EAT those Toad guys to get big?! Is THAT what we’ve being doing all these years?! We’re monsters!!

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