They Will Rip Your Head Off With Their Tiny Little Hands

They Will Rip Your Head Off With Their Tiny Little Hands
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We got our grubby little hands on the latest Halo Minimate sets that hit Toys ‘R’ Us in the US this month.

Each $US20 Diamond Select Toys set comes with three Noble Team members and a Warhog. One set comes with Jun, Carter and Kat and a standard Warthog. The other comes with Jorge, Emile and Noble-6 and a Warthog with a Gauss cannon.

I was surprised at how much attention to detail was spent on these little figures. Each is minutely detailed with weapon load-outs, packs and, yes, even removable helmets. Tristan was hoping to catch a glimpse of Noble-6’s face when he popped his helmet off, but all that’s under there is a blank rod painted black. Kinda creepy.

Anyway, check out the pictures above. I spent, perhaps, way too much time setting up the shots, but it’s kinda hard to stop once you start tinkering with tiny bendable knees, little grippy hands and mini sniper rifles.


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