This Is Probably A Gameplay Clip From I Am Alive

First announced three years ago, Ubisoft's I Am Alive has barely been seen or heard of since. It's widely assumed to have been canned (or at least be in a very deep sleep), but if you feel like checking out what it looks like (or once looked like) anyway, here's a brief look.

Given the rough nature of the levels and the animation, this looks to be an internal trailer for the game (as in, one not intended for public viewing). We've no idea how old it is, but again, given the quality on show it wouldn't surprise me if it dates back at least a couple of years.

"I AM ALIVE" Unreleased Official Game Teaser Trailer 2011 [YouTube]


    I really wanted this game :(

    I thought it looked better when they had they guy running around in the white business shirt. I was really interested when it looked like you played an average guy who struggled for survival after the mother of all earthquakes. Now that it turns out you play as some sort of ex navy seal bounty hunter who is on vacation from his day job of treasure hunting and killing im a little less interested. Though its early days yet it might still be a good game, just not the game I originally wanted.

    I think this game is still alive ;)

    It has already been classified as MA15+ with strong violence.

      I think you are correct, this is dated from three or four weeks ago. I hope this is true, why wouldn't it be??

    So long.
    So long have I been waiting for a gameplay trailer.
    And I am now pleased.

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