This Is Why Games Are Going Free To Play

This Is Why Games Are Going Free To Play

Wondering why going “free to play” is so trendy right now? Consider MMO Age of Conan. In May, it launched a F2P version. It’s since doubled its revenues and increased subscriber numbers.


  • Ergh!!! I’m sick of these one sentence posts.
    Please provide actual information, I thought this was a gaming news blog not an emulation of Twitter.

    • I don’t come to kotaku to read other websites articles, that extra click should be there only as a source link for an article written by a Kotaku journalist, not what it’s being used for in alot of these posts; i.e. Write a headline and link someone else’s work…not cool.

  • The whole network (well at least Kotaku, Lifehacker and Gizmodo) are going way downhill. I reckon the only reason I’m still reading these blogs is for the AU stories. If it was just the US ones I would have stopped reading already.

  • @Kotaku,

    I’d like to report a website error. Many of your articles keep getting chopped off after 1-2 sentences. There’s not even graphics or anything. It’s like the page is just repeating the headline page blurb as the article itself.

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