This Is Why Games Are Going Free To Play


    Another wonderful 'article'... maybe Kotaku US should just run a twitter page.

      I was under the impression that Luke Plunkett was from Canberra? Maybe, I'm wrong..

    Ergh!!! I'm sick of these one sentence posts.
    Please provide actual information, I thought this was a gaming news blog not an emulation of Twitter.

    Pathetic article. I come here to read the story, not to get links to stories!

    That one extra click is a tough one.

      I don't come to kotaku to read other websites articles, that extra click should be there only as a source link for an article written by a Kotaku journalist, not what it's being used for in alot of these posts; i.e. Write a headline and link someone else's work...not cool.

    The whole network (well at least Kotaku, Lifehacker and Gizmodo) are going way downhill. I reckon the only reason I'm still reading these blogs is for the AU stories. If it was just the US ones I would have stopped reading already.


    I'd like to report a website error. Many of your articles keep getting chopped off after 1-2 sentences. There's not even graphics or anything. It's like the page is just repeating the headline page blurb as the article itself.

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