Time To Check Out Ten Free NES Games

Today, Nintendo's ambassador program kicks off, giving early 3DS adopters the chance to snag free NES games. In this video, I give some of the games a spin.

It's hard to give things a spin when you're holding an iPhone with one hand and tugging on a joystick with another. Wait. That sounds wrong.

I just downloaded the titles, and didn't have a chance to see if there are any cool Easter Eggs tucked away. So far, I like the games Nintendo is offering, and my 3DS better get ready for all the use it's going to get. Finally!

As previously posted, here's how you can get your free NES games.


    I don't know. Are ten GBA + NES roms really worth $100? Sure enough it can be agreed that legally they do serve as satisfactory compensation.. But as compensation to a fan of Nintendo? Not sure. Although no surprises considering Nintendo as a company have lacked (for some time) the testicular fortitude to create a product that sells on the merits of it's quality and not it's gimmickry or pedigree.

      Normally I'd agree with you, but the games they are offering are games that I would happily pay for. Plus, I think you'll find they'll probably be priced quite highly, and will make up for the $100

      You can ask, "are they worth $100?", but do you know anyone who ACTUALLY paid full RRP for their console?

      Really early adopters preordered their 3DS for $287 with Ghost Recon from Dicksmith.

      On release day there were prices of $288, $298, $319 etc with or without RRP$69.95 games.

      My mate picked up his console for $299 w/SFIV

      Another guy I know got his for $199 when David Jones dropped the price on their website a few months back out of the blue.

      I got mine for $199 standalone the day before the pricedrop because of a particularly awesome salesperson. So all these games are basically free to me.

      So what I'm trying to ask is, why are people complaining about the $100 perceived value on these titles when 90% of the user-base didn't actually pay $100 more than the current RRP? There's been so many opportunities to pick up a 3DS for a great price pre-drop that those that didn't should learn to bargain hunt a little more efficiently.

    i own about 80% of the games on offer, now i get to play them on my 3ds *yay*
    A choice from 40 games or something would have been better

    God it'll be nice to actually play something on the 3ds although this is getting ridiculous why does it take so long to get this out to everyone like we only get 10 games now and dont get the other 10 until the end of the year

    In total all the games are like 100mb in size seriously how long does it take to put something onto your store Nintendo better get it together soon or im not gonna be bothered buying anything else from them

      The GBA games will take some time: the nintendo team has to create an emulator so the 3DS can actually run them, and remove any bugs that come from running the game at a different resolution

        So many emulators exist it's not funny. It wouldn't hard just to get the damn 3DS to run VBA lol.

      I know how you feel all my punctuation keys are broken too

    Wait I though the games became available tomorrow? How are you playing them now

    They were already free.

    These were NES games, not SNES games as stated by the author Ashcraft

    Is this live in Australia yet? I'm Definitely an ambassador and i have done all the stuff it wants me to but i cant see any available for "re-download" yet

      We probably have to wait until mid day or at night to receive the free downloads. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if we get them on the 2nd of September.

    I've heard a few people are seeing theirs in Australia already. It's 2:10 WST and I've not had any update to the store. I've checked I'm registered and I'm following the instructions. Hmmm...

    Just downloaded them..... Sadly disappointed, you can get free games on the iPhone that are much better than these. I bought my 3ds to play new games or I would have brought a snes

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