Want To Watch Australian Competitive Gaming... From 1982?

Considering the huge leaps made by competitive gaming in the last year with EVO and MLG, it's incredible to watch this footage - a news report on the 1982 Australian Colecovision Championship, complete with a strange middle-aged man claiming he is Australia's first video game super hero. This is classic stuff.

Thanks to Matt Keller over at Retro Gaming Australia for digging it up. Incredible find!

The 1982 Australian Colecovision Championship [Retro Gaming Australia]


    'Its all fair in love and Stawars'

    Best quote from the vidoe. lol

    my mother used to warn me about old guys dressed in wierd costumes - who hung out at arcades

      i reckon!!
      pedo much?
      @StewPenguin: probably jail. bahahahahaha

    Jim Welsh - Video Master

    Where is he now :O

    ZOMG is that Harli's dad????

    Pleather FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The funniest bit is the Australian media has hardly changed its attitude to gamers over the past 30 years.

      It's so true! That brief wince a journalist gives before saying the word "video game" is timeless apparently.


    I snorted my drink out my nose when they zoomed out to show the crowd contained 20 5 year olds LOLLLLLL

    I wonder how many of these people are now TOGs?


    Was that MC guy Tony Mokbel?

    Great to see the joysticks being 'palmed' too

    Haha! Huge audience turnout from the after-school crowd there.

    This video reinforces the fact that nobody looks good when filmed concentrating on a video game. Glad Jim Welsh's mustache was there to add some class.

    Still have my Colecovision stashed away somewhere. I vaguely remember entering a few contests like this as a kid. You turned up at a shopping centre and tried to get a good score on a game.

    Looked like they filmed it at Hoyts George street. Used to be one of my favourite arcades in the early 80s.

      Wow, Talk about perception skills, youre spot on, it was the Hoyts on George St.

    This video made me want to go outside and throw a frisbee or something.

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