Watch This Gorgeous Portal Fan Film Right Now

If Chris Nolan directed the opening of a Portal film (and Hans Zimmer scored it), I suspect it would look a little something like "Portal: No Escape", a gorgeous and intense fan film set in the world of Aperture Science. (It wasn't Nolan, though. It was Dan Trachtenberg!)

[via Superpunch]


    nice the twist

    My god that was so awesome! :D

    All these short-film makers are doing better than the "pros." Well, profesionalism is a state of mind, and has nothing to do with how much money you have, really. And it shows!

      Well you know what they say. "Amatures built the arc. Professionals built the Titanic."

    Wow, this one is much better than the previous Half Life 2 one.

    That was so bad ass.
    Best one so far.

    Goddamn, that was insanely good. I'd kill to see a series of short films based on popular games made by this director :)

    Well. She's more buff than I am.

    while a portal movie would be awesome, it cant work. The only movie can can work currently is Mass Effect.

    Awesome short film right there tho.

      I disagree. Being a fan of the movie "Cube" I can see how a Portal movie could work with the right script and Director.

    That. Was. Perfect. bloody great.

    that was fucking awesome.

    I hate portal but that film was so fucking good.

    Its what the Resident Evil films should have been like.

      You what??

      How could anyone hate Portal?!

      Awesome video.


    Looks kinda like Claudia Black...

    Best touch of this post?

    They picked Joel JOHNSON to post this.

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