Aussie Nintendo Store: Cut the TwinBee

Aussie Nintendo Store: Cut the TwinBee

Aussie Nintendo Store: Cut the TwinBee All of Nintendo’s consoles get a refresher this weekend, but at least two of them are something you might have played before. One is a retro classic, the other is popular iOS title.

3DS eShop

3D Classics: Twinbee (Nintendo, $7.50) — Nintendo’s 3D Classics range expands with yet another vertical shooter, TwinBee. The 3D effect works great with these shooters and TwinBee is a great coin-op classic. It’s also going to be a lot better than Urban Champion was.


Cut the Rope (Chillingo, 500 Points/$7.50) — iOS favourite Cut the Rope finally arrives on DSiWare after a long wait since its announcement. If feeding a little green alien candy sounds good to you (and it should) then you should consider this. It is a bit more expensive than the iPhone version however. About $6 more in fact.

WiiWare 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix (Nordcurrent, 700pts) — Remember those Game Boy cartridges that promised 101 games and then they all ended up be dodgy sprite replacements of Super Mario Bros? Yeah well this is nothing like that you filthy pirate, there’s actually 101 games in here with a promise of 10 hours of gameplay.


  • I love Nintendos’ eStore pricing. Giggle town.

    I own Street Fighter IV Volt protocol on iPhone for $1. Fun multiplayer and almost as featured as the 3DS version.
    Swords and Sworcery yesterday for $1.
    FIFA, NBA Jam (Like it better on iPhone than xBox), Deadspace, Zenonia… such an endless list of $1 games and that doesn’t even include the free ones.

    But hey, good luck nintendo. At least your store interface is good.

    • As a 3DS owner I regrettably have to agree with you Wepoo, I don’t think Nintendo’s handling the eShop thing well. They probably need to hire on some new staff to deal with it or something, because they seem to be only dedicating superficial amounts of time to making sure it’s running well.

      I mean, I’d be happy if they put Dead Space, and some of Gameloft’s goodies that are normally worth $7-$9 for $10 on the eShop (I envy you for getting DS for only $1!), but all they’re doing for the most part is releasing really arcady software for overvalued prices. They need to be more active in that regard. Although I wonder if it’s the devs releasing it for that price, thinking they can price gouge lesser-used platforms?

    • As much as I agree with what you’re saying about Nintendo’s online pricing, I completely disagree with what you’re saying about Street Fighter. The iOS Street Fighter is nothing compared to the 3DS version. the 3DS version is a full port of SSFIV, the iOS one is stripped down and has lousy controls. Maybe for a casual SF player it’s passable but not for the hardcore players.

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