Confronting The Eternal Question: Why Don't Video Game Heroes Pee?

Note that I said "confronting". I can't say "answering" because that presumes there is a good reason for the absence of urinal faculties in Ryu, Mega Man and Princess Peach. And when we get to the end of this video by Gameboyardee, we are left with even more questions.

It's best to just think of everyone holding it in through World 8-4.


    Ever play Heavy Rain? I reckon I must have spent half of the total play time of that game pissing. Err... in-game, I mean. As in... the characters I was controlling were pissing. Not me personally.

    Or Conker, he did more than his fair share too.

    Travis Touchdown and Duke Nukem are another two.

    Anyone play Postal 2? you could pretty much piss whenever and on whoever you wanted.

    I think Duke Nukem peed enough to cover most other video game characters.

    I'm more concerned that they don't have to go number twosies.

    If this guy would stop playing kids' games, maybe he'd actually get to play as a hero who could drain his lizard.

    And Persona 3.

    You even get a stat boost for it.

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