Dead Island Takes Unexpected Flight With This Jeep Glitch

Dead Island has earned itself somewhat of a reputation for being buggy. Some glitches, though, go the extra mile — in this case quite literally.


    Seems like an easy way to get off the island. Just saying.

    They got trolled? The driver left the game so obviously if you continue to accelerate it goes on forever.

    lol did they even test the game once before they released it?

      Yeah, seems they had a very poor or non existant QA team.

    heh... I remember doing similar in Mercs 2 - flew a sports car several km until it came down head-on into a protruding rock... of course this being Mercs 2 that just meant that the car exploded and Mr. Nilsson's body decided to go for a flight of its own before bouncing down and then standing up again to regenerate health. (that game had a very quirky health system - you could survive some pretty crazy fall damage and small-arms fire only to be done in by a 1ft drop walking down a hill!)

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