I Am A Space Marine – Here Are The Winners

I Am A Space Marine – Here Are The Winners

The competition was originally for one winner to win one chainsword. We’ve shown you the entries that just missed out on prizes. Now we’ll show you the ones that made it through to the prize-winning round.

Before we kick this off, the Kotaku email server gobbled up an entry that was submitted on time but never arrived in my inbox. While this entry didn’t make it to the finals, I wanted to give it a run here so that everyone can see the work that Infra put into his chainsword:

That both looks sharp and dangerous and we desperately hope that Infra doesn’t come after us for messing with his entry.

Moving along! At the beginning of the competition we only had one prize locked in: one Kotaku reader was going to win one Space Marine chainsword. But when the entries began to come in it quickly became clear that we couldn’t not reward more people for their efforts. So we contacted THQ, showed them some of the chainswords that members of the Kotaku community had made, and they agreed to give us six goodie bags to give away. So here are your top six runners-up and the main winner, who will be taking home the Space Marine chainsword.

Chuloopa donned his chef’s hat and made a chainsword cake. While this may not be the most dangerous of weapons in battle, we bet it could bring on a mad case of (delicious) diabetes which, when you think about it, is more dangerous than any kind of chainsword. Also, recipe plz!

Janek has given us many reasons to be afraid. Aside from the fact that he’s wielding a life-size chainsword, the look in his eyes suggests that he is ready cut us up unless we give him a prize. Okay okay, we’ll send you a prize! Just leave Mark alone — he’s only a child!

Goodness me, Justin V. This is one sexy chainsword. Sexiness wasn’t on our judging criteria before we saw this, and then we drew up a little box with the question “IS THE CHAINSWORD SEXY ENOUGH?”, and hey, that was all your doing! Nice work.

You probably can’t tell from this photo, but Sami’s chainsword is actually made of paper mache. And that little thing she’s slicing up with the chainsword? Yep, also made of paper mache. Gorgeous.

Steven B, we had a joke in the officer that went something to the effect of: “Man, he can create this awesome chainsword but can’t take a clear photo?” Haha, we kid. We won’t hold the wobbly camera against you. 😉

So those are your six runners-up! They’ll be getting a small gift from THQ for their efforts.

Anyway, there can only be one winner, and that winner will be sent the Space Marine life-size chainsword valued at $4,500. So without further ado, the winner of the Kotaku “I AM A SPACE MARINE” competition is… Laif!

Check out the video! That’s Laif’s chainsword in action.

Yeah… that is pretty hard to beat. Congratulations, dude! That was some mighty fine effort you put into that chainsword.

Can everyone who was featured in this post please send me an email with your contact details + postal address asap? I will compile a list and send it off to THQ for prize distribution. Just email me from the account you used for your chainsword submission using the subject line “I AM A PRIZE WINNER”.


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