If Charles Darwin Had Studied Pokémon...

Artist Michael Casteel has reimagined the Pokédex as something you would have found in the tattered diary of a 19th-century British man with a Pith helmet and a magnificent beard.

He calls it his "Pokémon Field Guide", and alongside the hand-drawn illustrations are rough notes detailing the first encounters between the bumbling Professor Baobab and the elusive creatures.

These are just a handful of the images from the gallery; to see the whole thing, head to Casteel's gallery below.

Pokémon Field Guide [DeviantArt, via Go Nintendo]


    liking that they included 5th gen mons too. Truthfully a lot of them aren't great but they don't really deserve to get left out either.

      The pokemon themselves I mean, not the artworks this guy's done, because these are absolutely amazing

    Hope he makes a book with them all because I'd snap that right up.

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