It's A Gold PlayStation Vita! (And A Red One, A Blue One...)

Giving us a taste of the inevitable future, Sony is showing off at this year's Tokyo Game Show what the PlayStation Vita looks like in a range of colours that aren't its standard black.

Those colours range from glossy red to sky blue to what I can only describe as "Pimp's Coinpurse Gold". The two that look identical in colour in the gallery above actually are two different models, one white, the other a light blue (the cabinet's VERY BLUE lighting drowning out the very classy white model).


    Looks cool, they should release these on launch date.

    I want the blue one, too bad the only colour that'll be released here initially will be 'stock standard' black

    Really impressed by the PSVita. The variety of colours are great. Will be picking one up for sure!

    Yeah, I'll still opt for the black one. Hopefully they do release in these colours though - I remember Nintendo showing a bunch of colours for the Wii before release then just giving the White option for years...

    I think they are all triple... don't you agree Ruen.

    i like the pink it's so pretty i thank by black Friday they change the price of psvita in Gamestop. keep your up that means eyes.

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