Nintendo Having Serious Problems Getting The Wii U Working?

Since French site 01Net has proven itself somewhat reliable when it comes to Nintendo leaks of late, it's worth going back and looking at some of its other reports on the company's happenings over the past month. Like this one, that the Kyoto-based company is having problems getting the Wii U up and running. Big problems.

According to 01Net's report, the hardware powering the Wii U simply isn't up to scratch to do what Nintendo needs it to: Namely, run not just the console, but beam data to its fancy touch-screen controller as well. Apparently developers working on the console are having to use "tethers" to ensure serviceable communication between the Wii U and its controller, but even then things still aren't working that well, and progress is reportedly halted daily with repeated software updates for the pad.

The source spilling the beans — who, given the publication, sounds like it could be a European third-party developer — also says that these problems have caused a delay in the console's launch, an original June 2012 release now being pushed back to sometime around September.

While there's no way of proving this as of yet (we've contacted Nintendo for comment, by the way), if true, it certainly makes the Wii U sound "rushed". Which would fit Nintendo's pattern of late! I've always felt the 3DS was rushed (to meet a March deadline, thus brightening up Nintendo's end-of-year fiscals), from its midnight announcement to its single thumbstick to its delayed services release.

If this report is correct, it shouldn't surprise too many people that the Wii U has been put on a similar development fast-track, one aimed at getting a new home console to the market as quickly as possible to compensate for a sharp decline in Wii sales.

Then again, bear in mind, the report was also originally filed over two weeks ago, and things might have improved since then! Or it may not be true at all!

Nintendo, l'envers du décor : Wii U, un développement à problème [01net, via VG247]


    I don't believe this to be true, simply because they demonstrated several games at E3 2011 functioning well.

      They only demonstrated a couple of games, and they looked like wii ports. My guess us that the console isnt powerful enough to run the hd games nintendo is pushing for, and the control.

        Its not powerful enough to run HD games? what planet are you living on. The Radeon HD4800 series cards that the Wii U are supposed to be based on are more then capable of running Full HD, and in the case of console its custom built and optimized so it runs even faster. I know, i have had 2 4890s, so they are a powerful card. The alleged issue is with the wireless transmission of data to the Wii U controller, not the actual system hardware itself. Please read carefully.

      I obviously wasn't there, and I never noticed in the photos/videos, but wasn't the controller on a tether/wire during all the E3 Demonstrations?

      Seems to me the huge problems would come from Wireless connection and data transfer latency and all the variables that simply come along when you're working without a constant wire-based connection between devices.

      That thing is more than just a few analog and binary buttons... I'd be surprised if they got it working as well as they advertised it to be.

    Isn't it normal for any console to have problems during development? I mean, that's why it's still in development. They make it sound like "repeated software updates" are a bad thing...

    I'm not sure why the 3DS was brought into this, either. Other than to try and attribute some of the 3DS' shortcomings/failures onto an unreleased system that we know little about. :P

    I just don't understand all the hate, and I'm glad Kotaku AU doesn't get involved in it.

      Hear that? It's the sound of game journos clapping their hands over their ears.

      While your right, once the publishers have their hands on it, there's only so much they can change about the hardware. The claim here is that nintendo dont seen to be able to resolve the problems with software because the cost is in adequate

        Just because developers have their hands on the early Wii U units doesn't mean its finalized. Its not unheard of for Nintendo to consult with the big third party developers whilst a console is still in development. Nintendo can delay it to Christmas 2012 if they wanted to, i don't recall them giving a definite launch date for the Wii U, except a vague 2012. That leaves plenty of time for them to iron out the bugs, again this is mere speculation that has been given more significance due to the fact the supposed source has been right in the past (apparently) There is no solid facts on display here merely speculation. I didn't know being right in the past ALWAYS guarantees being right, but i guess wild speculation counts as news these days.

    Considering what they're trying to do I'm not surprised they're having issues. It's gonna take time to get it working right.

    And sure, the 3DS has been somewhat of a clusterfuck to say the least but with Nintendo's time in the gaming industry there are always going to be times when they stumble. Hell once Microsoft and Sony have had their 27 years in the console industry I'm sure they'll have a far bigger list of screwups that Nintendo.

    I'm giving Nintendo benefit of the doubt here.

    I'm curious...Nintendo basically rolled in money since the Wii & DS were launched. Now they're misstepping and getting hassled at shareholder meetings.

    Are they just panicking because they're not making quite as many millions each week, or is there an actual problem? One would think that they'd have quite a cash buffer from the last 5+ years so could handle moving cautiously with new console releases rather than apparently rushing everything out the door...

      "Are they just panicking because they’re not making quite as many millions each week"

      unfortunately yes. I mean yes they should have enough money to take things slow, but you see all those lovely investors want, nay need, even more millions each week.

    This is a non story - The gamecube before it was lunched was a crappy PC tower with controller ports and a disk slot, the wii didnt even have the remote to work with when developers started - So what if the Wii U controller is still tethered to the system? These are not 'ISSUES' - This is just a normal transition to a new platform that developers have to get used to, it takes time, skill and some patience.

    Any info about the price of the WiiU?

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