Nintendo Officially Confirms, Comments On 3DS Circle Pad Add-on

Nintendo Officially Confirms, Comments On 3DS Circle Pad Add-on

So… about that newly revealed, clunky-looking Nintendo 3DS attachment, Nintendo tells Kotaku “We can confirm that Nintendo plans to release the Circle Pad attachment, but Nintendo’s regional subsidiaries will make further announcements about its availability at a later date.”


  • That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen Nintendo make! Why dont they just do a slight redesign to the case, and build it in to the system.

      • Yah, same reason why they didn’t chuck a second stick onto the PSP – fragments the userbase and makes the previous units obselete.

          • The difference is that everyone has the OPTION to purchase it. If they were to just build it into another model and not offer an option for those who have the current 3DS, those who already own a 3DS but want the additional functionality would have to buy an entirely new model, making the previous one redundant.

  • Cripes, what a nelegent way to treat your customers. Id be so sour if I had paid good money for the ‘soon to be exciled’ version. And who wants that stupid thing hanging off of it?!

  • As an early adopter of the 3DS, I’ve stuck by it since the beginning, hoping against hope I was wrong about how botched this system is. Articles like this are only bringing my decision to trade the useless thing in closer.

    The fact it’s a US 3DS is about the only thing that’s stopping me at this point.

    • LOL why would you even bother to import such a crappy system? You should have gone Australian and just imported the games from Europe…

      • So far the main reason is the differences between the eShops – the American one doesn’t suck, unlike the EU one. My interest in 3DS games was always going to be limited to a select few, which I’d import from PlayAsia.

        So far, I haven’t seen one game I’d buy, imported or otherwise. (I bought Pilotwings and SSFIV when I bought the console, but that’s it)

      • Also, bear in mind I purchased it when the 3DS was 2 weeks old. No one knew anything about how crappy it was or wasn’t at that point.

  • You have to consider the following: the time it takes to acknowledge the problem, design a solution, prototype it, test and refine it, then push it into large scale manufacture is **not small**

    So, really, HOW LONG have they been planning this? What, since a month or so after the initial release?


  • Oh well, in the end this could just be as big as the Wii-Zapper, as it currently is just an addon for Monster Hunter 3G. Anyway, if I’m getting Monster Hunter, I would actually be pretty happy about this, as it makes the game better to play, and makes the console feel better in my hands after a few hours of gameplay.

  • Anyone else thinking all these issues are due to a rushed release after the 3DS was announced hurriedly to beat a potential leak?

    • Considering they never confirmed the reason for the delay, its not a stretch to imagine that this may be one of the reasons and they are integrating the new control scheme.

  • PERFECT, just PERFECT. Couldn’t have said it worse myself thankyou for letting this n00b make yet another invalid point on fox news.

  • Nintendo have lost me as a customer. bought 3DS on day one and now it is obsolete 6 months later. have no faith in them any more and won’t be getting Wii U.

  • Nintendo must have known this was in the pipe line for ages but were happy to sit back and let people buy consoles that will be obsolete in months.

  • I think people should lay off nintendo a bit. the existing hardware is fine, It doesn’t even need this add on, what it needs is games, which isn’t entirely Nintys fault at the moment. there are finished games being delayed till bigger titles are ready? wtf is up with that. And I have no idea what is taking level 5 so long to translate the new Laton game etc

    • Well apparently it does need this add on for monster hunter, which will likely be the consoles biggest selling game till a Pokemon is released. So I would say your literally wrong.

      • Monster Hunter will be the biggest selling game in Japan. It ain’t quite as big in the west. Mario and Kid Icarus will shift consoles here.

  • I think a lot of people are overreacting, I highly doubt that ALL future 3DS games will be using the 2nd analogue stick. I’m thinking that this will get bundled with whatever game that actually needs it (ie Monster Hunter).

    • I don’t think people are concerned about it being required for every game – just that this exists full stop. It smacks of oversight. Yet more terrible design and planning on Nintendo’s part – just another tick on a long list of screwups.

      Couple that with that fact you can almost guarantee there’ll be a ‘3DS Lite’ or some such in the next 12-18 months and it’s a punch in the face for the consumer.

      • This just seems to me like a very game-specific add-on for Monster Hunter. Other games might use it too, who knows, but I’d bet that most developers won’t bother with it. I don’t think the 3DS needs a 2nd analogue stick to be honest, but of course others might think differently.

        IMO if a game does require two sticks, it probably shouldn’t be developed for the 3DS anyway.

  • To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if most developers just skipped this. I’d assume some would utilise the extra functionality but hopefully most games don’t require it and if they do you’d be able to get a bundle or something.

    Still, it’s understandable if Nintendo just did this solely for Monster Hunter. Shits insane in Japan. Think Nintendo would rather release this piece of kit instead of missing out on Monster Hunter. Will probably move a few units because of it.

  • All I keep seeing is OBSOLETE! OBSOLETE!
    Jeez, it’s just an addon.
    To be fair, playing Monster Hunter without a second stick would be painful. I think you should all quit your bitching until Nintendo announce a new model with this incorporated into it.

  • They should package a copy for free with mario 3D land, or a voucher to claim one for free if you desire, will get it to a lot of people that way.

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