Today's Punishment: Camping Mama's Sing-Along Trailer

Punishment was a concept I tried out in 2009 and it didn't last long, because there weren't enough mortifying, teeth-grating, or sickeningly sweet videos to publish one per week. But I thought of it when I saw this Camping Mama trailer. And you guys have gone a long time without saying your hail marios.

So here you go: Watch this trailer then, in the comments, tell us how long you lasted before you hit mute or pressed stop. Then confess your gaming sins and say you're sorry.

Here's mine: I lasted 21 seconds, and I once cashed in an Xbox Live code for a Black Ops map pack that I saw on Twitter, despite trading in Black Ops two months before. I also shot a teammate off a ladder in SOCOM 4 just to test out the accuracy of the Flex-Fire.

I'm not saying punishment will be back next week, but depending upon the quality of your contrition, I'm not saying it won't, either.


    I survived it all the way through, and everyone else should too. Just for the brilliant pun at the end.

      Wasn't that bad. Yeah, that damn pun.

        I survived the whole thing. I left my old 360 with my girlfriends brother when we moved back from the uk. Then when I bought my new 360, I transferred my licenses across to my new one.

      I would not have expected such a magnificent pun from a Mama game advertisement. Well done. xD

    Survived. Hm, my gaming sin... I have never completed a NES game (excluding things like Tetris and Dr Mario).

    I could've swore I actually passed away for a second at the end...

    16 seconds. I did 9/11...well I couldn't have actually done 9/11...but after watching this I feel like I should have.

      oh wai-
      GAMING sin...
      well I guess I troll minecraft MP a lot...
      Guess I deserved what I got then...

    Wow, I can't think of anything more enthralling or "intense" than going camping with my mother....

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