What's In Store?

This is What’s in-store, where we take a regular look at the prices in store, and price match them across the three major specialist retailers in Australia. Who’s the cheapest this week?

NOTE: These are the prices as of today. If you guys have spotted any other deals, be sure to let us know in the comments below and we’ll update accordingly!

F1 2011 GAME: $88 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $89

Gears of War 3 GAME: $88 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $69

Space Marine GAME: $98 EB: $108 JB Hifi: $99

Wallabies GAME: $98 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $89

Driver San Francisco GAME: $98 EB: $108 JB Hifi: $89

Deus Ex: Human Revolution GAME: $88 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $89

Rugby WC GAME: $64 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $89

Star Fox 64 GAME: $58 EB: $68 JB Hifi: $59

Resistance 3 GAME: $88 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $99

GT5 GAME: $30 EB: $37 JB Hifi: $34


    I got standard edition of Gears 3 from jb for $69. All new releases should be that price in Australia ffs!
    And I gladly told JB staff where to stick the special edition after they asked me if I want it 5 times! Grr!

      I bought the game from zoowhouse on ebay for 58 dollars inc shipping. Ordered yesterday, arrived today. All games should not be 69 dollars if they can be 58 !

      if the collectors edition lokked like this...I would've definately consider it XD http://www.kotaku.com.au/2011/09/the-limited-edition-box-art-for-gears-of-war-3-is-pretty-special/

    Every time i see Space Marine i Live a little inside.

    Because that would be the opposite to dying inside, wouldn't it?

    Still doesn't sound right.

    Ok. I get giddy.

    Thank you Tracey :D

    ...Now i want coke/sprite and chocolate AND to play me some more 40k :(

      Doesn't sound right, but it works.
      Loving the picture at the top.

        it just makes me purr like a kitten.

        Or a chainsword... either or

      Maybe "everytime I see Space Marine another heretic or xenos of the Imperium of Man is slaughtered in the name of the Emperor"?

        i like your style, kiddo!
        Kudos to you!

          I prefer - Whenever I see a post from Chuloopa, I die a little inside

            you might have to get used to it, buddy, as i'm one of the longest standing contributors and not going anywhere anytime soon ;)

            It's ok, i still love you, though.

        everytime I see the Space Marine menu, another heretic or xenos of the Imperium of Man is slaughtered in the name of the Emperor

        I have a mate that just sits their watching the title screen for ages at a time. Pretty sure he goes to sleep watching it...

          Hahaha, its an awesome "screensaver" :P The musics epic as well!

    I highly recommend Driver San Fran to everyone too. Its 2011's hidden gem, just as Arkham Asylum was in '09;)

      I'll definately be looking into it when i have some spare cash...

      BUT - When was AA ever a hidden gem? It was a critical and retail hit straight from the start?

      Hidden gems are stuff like Stubbs: The Zombie

        Yeah you got me there!
        Either way, play it!

    this post reads like one of those ads for a product where they never mention the actual product. In this case the product would be ozgameshop.


      Yep. The amount of money that Ive saved in the last year alone by simply switching over to online stores like Ozgameshop, Gamelane and GreenManGaming is just staggering.

      The only reason I even step foot in a retail store these days is to go dig through their bargain bins.

        I just discovered Zoowhouse on Ebay as well and they were awesome, so fast and cheap and easy to deal with!

    Could rename article to "Why you shouldn't buy from EB" $$

      Could rename that reply 'EB is the only one of the three that will fully refund you within a week of playing it'.

    I am pretty sure that JB's price was launch day (or launch day +1) only. Its $79 now, including on their website. There may be stores with old priced stock, but that will only be by luck, not design.

    Just a fair warning to Australians wanting to play multiplayer Space Marine. No local only search function. You'll pretty much be matched up against Americans and UK hosts all the time. They said they're addressing this issue in an upcoming patch but that remains to be seen.

      it remains to be seen because the game has only been out for 2 weeks now - they have that much stuff to work on it's insane.
      They have already released some fixes for the PS3 version while working on PC and 360.

      Honestly, Austrlians are screwed in most MP games these days, so it's no surprise really. The REALLY laggy matches are a pain in the neck, but when you find one that's ok, it's a beautiful thing :)

        Australians are always screwed when they don't bother to include a "Local Only" search function. Halo does it, World at War and Black Ops does it (although CoD4 and MW2 doesn't), even Transformers and Blur does it. Never have trouble finding Australian hosts in those games.

      TBH I havent really noticed any bad lag; seem some guys stuttering around (not that my heavy bolter cares; BOLTS FOR EVERYONE!!!1), and that includes the "your NAT is not set to OPEN" error (which may or may not be a true warning as they apparently havent fixed the bug where it says that even when your NAT is open)

        I will say that last night I was getting an ear-full of thai or something... Couldnt mute him because I was waiting to load >_<"

    Man Star Fox 64 is still that much? I know Nintendo games never drop price but it's been 14 years!


        ...sigh, no wonder Ninty's shareholders are wondering how they are going to compete with cheap mobile games when they want to charge us $50+ for a 14year old 3deee "update"...

    Gears of War 3 is still $69 at Harvey Norman until the 27th, so make JB/EB etc price match!!

    Also, Gran Turismo 5 is $29.94 at Big W.

    price corrections for JB's (because i work there)

    Gears 3 - $79 as of this morning
    Space marine std - $89 (went down $10 last catalogue)
    Resistance 3 std - $79
    Resistance 3 Limited - $99

    all other prices are correct!

      Just outta curiousity, which JB do you work at?

        an SA store.. i don't want to say which just in case sometime in the past/future i have said/say something i shouldn't!

      I picked it up for $69 today at JB in Woden (Canberra), so some stores might have delayed the price increase.

    RRP should be 69 dollars, if it is they would sell more games in australia clear and simple. People will stop importing and they would make more money commanding a lower price than they would pushing the higher price at us.

    69 dollars seems fair enough really for brand new games compared to 60 for the US. I can roll with that. But 89 or 99 or 109 is just too much.

    for anyone willing to put up with Ubi DRM, the Gold Edition of Settlers 7 just came out locally. You can tell how much faith everyone has in the system considering that it just appeared in EB with a RRP of $50 already discounted to $15!

    I saw in the good guys catalog today they had Gears of War 3 for $77, and Resistance 3 also for $77. They also have the 'pay less, pay cash' policy...so that might make it even cheaper still :)

    For all those in Melbourne who can get to the cbd or online. Dungeon Crawl has Gears 3 for $60!

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