Win! Kotaku's Exclusive RAGE Event Comp Reminder

Want a to play Rage before everyone else? Well this is your last chance to enter our Rage competition! This is an exclusive Kotaku event and tomorrow is the last day for you to submit your entry!

The original post with all the details and criteria is located right here. Oh look, Mark Serrels even wrote it himself! We should all take a moment to think about Mark Serrels and his fake-tanned hands typing up Kotaku competitions. Yes, we should all do that.

We've already received a few entries, but we're hoping to see more, so get in quick and good luck!


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

    Lucky Sydneysiders
    Good luck guys :)

    If I wasn't leaving for the US on the 29th, I'd enter... But I can't complain much as I'm sure there's someone in Adelaide that really wants to go but can't...

    Sssssshhhhhut up! Less entries = more chance of me winning!

    Though if you have to publicise it further, do you have the super-mod powers to put the original comp post in the right-hand "Editor's Picks" panel? Usually the easiest way to keep visibility up.

      Cheers for the tip. Will do that.

    If I didn't have work I would be there :(

    Thankyou for the reminder Tracey. I was going to enter but forgot.

    Hey Tracey, the link to the original post is broken...comes up with page not found.

      Hmm... odd. It works for me. I went back in and checked it and nothing appears to have changed. If you're still having issues with it the original is here:

        working now...weird as i tried the link 3 times and all came up page not found.

          that happened today to me while using the mobile site??? its working for me too now..

    Why is it always in sydney, whats so good about about sydney. How about some Melbourne events.

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