Ace Combat's QTE: Grip A Fist!

A lot of quick-time events can often be tedious interruptions that lead to failure — tap a button too slowly and your sword may go through a wall instead of a boss; miss a button and your character might fail to revive itself. As a refreshing change, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon will see you using QTEs for less perilous tasks... such as gripping a fist.

We wonder what will happen if you fail the QTE, though... Does the fist not get gripped? It's a question for us all to ponder about.



    That guys really good at fisting......

    Good GOD.

    "We wonder what will happen if you fail the QTE, though… Does the fist not get gripped? It’s a question for us all to ponder about. "

    i'd imagine you'd misplace the fist-pump - uppercutting yourself in the jaw instead.

    Also, the music... my god it's just PERFECT!

    If only there was a button to hold a boom box above your head...

    Perhaps if you get it wrong then you "accidentally" give them the finger, causing the mob to turn against you.

    I nearly spat out my drink when breakfast club music came on.

    That was the very last remaining breath of barely existant determination to buy this game if I saw it in a bargain bin completely dissipate.

    AC2 had something like that where you put your arm around someones shoulder or undressed your lady friend.

    I was always dozing through the cut scenes, but managed to grab the controller and hit Y for each of the QTEs in the game. I wondered if pressing the button actually did anything since all it did was move the camera to look at something (like Gears of War), except for the final fist pump.

    wait, what? Didn't I just read this? I wish the US articles wouldn't also be submitted into the AU site.

    That put a smile on my face. Don't know what all these guys are whining about.

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