BioShock On PS Vita Won't Be Infinite Or A Return To Rapture

When it comes to new hardware launches, you can always count on certain developers or publishers to pledge their support straight out the gate. Ubisoft will trot out Rabbids to make sure there's family-friendly hilarity on the Wii U and EA's always going to have some iteration of Madden or FIFA for the next next-gen PlayStation or Xbox.

But Irrational Games isn't on of those companies. They're a smaller studio and they turn smarter-than-average games, which takes longer than creating sequel after sequel. That's why it surprised many when Irrational's creative director Ken Levine came out during E3 to announce that he and his colleagues would be working on a Bioshock game for the PlayStation Vita. Things have been quiet since E3 but Levine recently took the time to give Joystiq an update on what not to expect from the studio's Vita debut.

Levine says that the aim is to create an all-new experience that feels native to the vita and not just a ported, scaled-down version of something that Irrational's already done. Joystiq quotes Levine as saying, "I'd rather do something that's an experiment and that's a little different. And is unique for the franchise." He also says that, because the studio's got a lot less manpower than other developers who develop for console and handheld, the Vita BioShock game might be the first time Irrational works with an outside entity to execute their vision.

Ken Levine gives us an update on BioShock for PlayStation Vita [Joystiq]


    So long as its not a board game rythim action RPG I'll be happy.

    ....actually make it a board game rythim action RPG! AWESOME!!!!

    It's Bioshock, 'nuff said.

    Using Ben Stiller to sell the Vita... not sure this is going to help, let's not forget that Russel Brand promo'd the HP Touchpad disaster.
    I'm half kidding, the Vita will be strong, but famous people shouldn't promo things that (people think) they know nothing about.

    I've ranted about this before... but it drives me nuts how they seem terrified of calling a game anything other than "Bioshock: Subtitled" even when it bears little in common with Bioshock beyond the design of the game itself.

    Quake was not a Doom game, even though it was still a fast-paced horror-themed FPS by iD software... it was still quite different. Hence, they did not call it "Doom Infinite" :-P

    So the idea that this PsVita game is being called 'a Bioshock game' but will allegedly have very little to do with either 'Bioshock' or 'Bioshock Infinite' is mind-numbingly frustrating to me. Call it something/anything else. Anything at all. But if it's got nothing to do with Bioshock or any other game out there, then don't give it a name that suggests otherwise... sheesh...

    Sorry, I get a bit nutty when it comes to absurd and/or inconsistent naming schemes.

    (Unless, as the idea occurs to me, Ken Levine intends the franchise 'Bioshock' to be more akin to an anthology series of unrelated stories that simply have similiar themes... like the Outer Limits or Twilight Zone... in which case this trend would be perfectly acceptable. But if that *is* the case, he should really try to stop 2k from confusing things by putting out 'Bioshock 2's and 'Bioshock Infinite: The Return's or whatever other sequels they decide to churn out under the same label...)

      You're absolutely right, I completely agree with the anthology theory. I think that the idea Levine and 2k are going for is to make multiple worlds under the same idea and theme, like a city in a ridiculous location that's tearing itself apart and big daddies. They have different story arcs with different titles for example:

      Bioshock 1. Bioshock 2 & Bioshock 3 (If that ever happens)
      Bioshock Infinite, Bioshock infinite 2 and so forth

      Catch my drift? But I think that bioshock 1, 2 & 3 should have probably been given their own unique subtitle. As to what the new game will be, I hope for a moon city! Like that conspiracy that the nazis built a moon base, imagine if it was true and there is a city hidden on the dark side of the moon, and you're an American who gets sent on a top secret mission and you find out things aren't what they seem when you get there. And all these horrible experiments had occurred and you need to find a way to escape. It'd be rad as!

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