Dead Island's Delayed DLC Should Get A New Release Date Next Week

September 30 has come and gone, meaning "Bloodbath Arena", the multiplayer DLC due to those who preordered Dead Island (and those willing to pay $US10 after the fact) is officially delayed.

Originally, the game's publisher said it would be out later in September. Subsequent comments to Kotaku suggested Techland was more focused on fixing the main game with a patch than supplying pre-order bonuses. A post on Techland's Facebook page says they expect an announcement of a new date in the next week.


    Would help if we could actually buy the game first. Every store in my state is sold out :I

      Should have pre-ordered friend. :)

    pft im not paying $10 for that it should be free considering all the problems that have occured

      It is free for most of the people who own the game, as it was a preorder bonus

    This game is so good that I just want to smash my screen....

    .... when it crash again and again at the same chapter *_*

    People who haven't play the game really should try it out, but NOT NOW. At least wait until the next patch is out.

    I've been having fun with this... Running to the same area time and time again

    At least they have their priorities straight, after wiping my stats with 1.01, and losing about 13 hours gameplay before 1.02 came out (save glitch) im losing paitence.

    i admire the fact they are fixing up the game before DLC, but the game should be near problem free before even being sold

    I haven't had any game breaking problems so far, currently on my second playthrough, but these glitches seem bad when they do happen. Worst that happened to me was playing online and the lab doors were locked despite our main quest being behind them, so out of frustration I threw my sledgehammer at the door.... and it went through.... So there was no way to get to it. After dropping to the menu and loading the doors were open but no hammer, so worst I was able to finish the quest but lost $8k worth of hammer.

    What the hell I love this game but what the hell

    I crashed to the desktop every time I begin Act II with Jin. Wasted a whole saturday on google and still no solution *_*

    Try using Dead Island Helper app, at least then you can backup save states and has FOV and other fixes.

    I can't play my Australian version of the game on my Australian account because I log in to Steam with a Japanese IP.

    Apparently I need to wait until mid November to play. Uncool.

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