Dungeon Defenders Offers Free Halloween DLC For PC

Dungeon Defenders Offers Free Halloween DLC For PC

A new mission, costumes and weapons and other good stuff await you in Dungeon Defenders‘ “Halloween Spooktacular” downloadable extension, available for free now but only on PC.

The Spooktacular offers eight costumes and weapons, a Halloween-decorated tavern and a Halloween-themed challenge mission. But as of yet, no plans to offer this over PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, paid or otherwise. Probably has something to do with last minute approvals.

Dungeon Defenders Halloween Packs [Steam]


  • I think it’s fantastic that some companies are jumping back in to giving free content updates (even limited ones) to users. It used to happen all the time, and patches used to sometimes add massive new free content.

    Maybe if enough companies do more of this, we might see less horse-armour DLC?

  • Love this game.. have played over 20 hours since release on Steam PC. Sometimes just casually offline, sometimes co-op with other people online..

    The one thing that lets this game down is that all the DLC, awards/achievements are only available through their “TrendyNet” moderated online play. Yes, even the basic Steam achievements are only attainable if you use TrendyNet.

    It’s not a huge thing because I’ve never been one to care much about achievements and badges but it is a tad annoying. I’ve no real interest in TrendyNet.. so a lot of the stuff the game is going to be focusing on is not going to be useable by me.

    • with the new update you can create a custom/private game and choose to hide it from view so no one can join it. this will let you play solo or only with people you invite while still being able to enjoy the benefits of trendynet exclusive content

    • Dude, the Trendy net option is for moderated play so as to eliminate cheating, hacked items and the like, there is also exclusive content.

      Think of Trendy net as the real Dungeon Defenders, the awards/achievements are only on Trendy due to it’s moderated nature, i.e. people can’t cheat to get them.

      Open is for mod support, cheating, hacked items and the like – do what ever you want. The Halloween stuff will be available to Open but something like mid Nov.

      Makes perfect sense.

  • This game shows that i can get sooo many hours of enjoyment for soo little cost 😀

    Spend $10 on the game which has taken over 20hrs of my life 😀

    Worth every penny 🙂

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