New Nintendo Wii On Its Way To Australia

New Nintendo Wii On Its Way To Australia
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Man, Nintendo don’t tell us anything anymore. They don’t answer our calls, ignore us on Facebook chat – the works. We didn’t even know that the new redesigned Wii was coming to Australia. We only found out when Vooks alerted us to the Nintendo website.

As you may already know, the new Nintendo comes minus a stand and is designed to lay on its back. The new Wii also lacks Gamecube compatibility for both the games and the accessories, meaning you can’t play Smash Bros with the Gamecube controller.

It will be available in Australia mid October packaged with Mario Kart Wii, a Wii Wheel, Nunchuk and Wii Remote Plus. It retails at $199.95.


  • Sooo… the newer version is a much more inferior version at the same price??
    On top of that they are snubbing the people that can help them promote such a thing (although why they would want to is beyond me)


    You know, there’s a Nintendo Head Office around the corner from my mum’s place – just give me the word and i’ll go over there and have a “chat” to them for you, Mark.

  • Maybe they will release an upgrade pack to “update” our old Wiis to the new model.

    It will consist of a bin to put our vertical stand in, and some superglue to glue the gamecube port cover shut.

    RRP: $49

  • I’ll keep my shiny red 25th Mario Anniversary Wii thanks. It gets more playtime from my Gamecube games than my Wii games.

    • Maybe they think that gimping the GameCube support will restrict consumers into purchasing the Wii exclusive shovelware bullshit.

      Only on Nintendo.

  • …maybe Nintendo didn’t tell the gaming websites because they were trying to sneak a wii which is cheaper to manufacture out the door without anyone noticing.

    The price is also a bit iffy. Do standard Wii retail at $200 now? I thought RRP was still $250-$300.

  • So, basically they’re swapping out GCN compatibility (which, let’s be honest, almost nobody who actually owns a Wii really uses) for a better bundled game and Wii-mote housing to suit.

    Interesting choice, and clearly one aimed at extra profit margins. I’m not sure I agree with the tactic though. People who buy a Wii are generally still quite happy with Wii Sports / Sports Resort/Plus / whatever. What they *really* want is to play with one another. IMHO the better package would have been “gimped” Wii with 1GB of storage (rather htan 512MB); Wii Sports Plus/Resort; TWO Wiimote Plus; ZERO nunchucks.

    People can play straight away with one another, there’s an incentive to buy a nunchuck or two, but more importantly there will be many more Wiimote Plus out there for when Wii U is released.

    but that’s my 2c.

      • Same. Mario Kart DD I find majorly fun with my kid. RE remake as well. Many games we have for the GC I still play. Just because you don’t use it Op don’t lump ‘everyone’ in with the generalisation.

    • “GCN compatibility (which, let’s be honest, almost nobody who actually owns a Wii really uses)”

      I think that statement is far more controversial than you realise.

    • speak for yourself! I play more gamecube games than wii games on my wii. I had to retire my gamecube when I got a new TV cabinet and I couldn’t fit the gamecube in it (it would just fit but I couldn’t open the disk tray because of it’s design)

      There are still more quality games on the gamecube then there are on the wii sadly.

    • “GCN compatibility (which, let’s be honest, almost nobody who actually owns a Wii really uses)”

      I think you need to check your facts, clearly they are off. And many people own a Wii – despite your sentence implying otherwise.

    • (which, let’s be honest, almost nobody who actually owns a Wii really uses)

      What a stupid statement.

      I play, Eternal Darkness, Wind Waker, RE remakes, Mario Kart and pretty much every GC game i own on it.

      Why have 2 consoles with more cords when you can have one that fits better in the entertainment unit.

    • Spotted a problem with your package suggestion. Sports Resort needs a nunchuk for some sports. Therefore, they’d have to include it in the package.

    • We too are regular users of the Gamecube feature. In fact, we play more GC games than wii ones lately. Kiddo has even been asking for some new GC games for his 14th birthday next month! Its been a great way to introduce him to some “older” games. Particularly ones like Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker etc that aren’t available on other platforms. He loves them. Its a shame Nintendo will be getting rid of the feature.

  • I’m going to have to pick up a PAL wii at some point for the RPS’s my US model can’t play 🙁

    Hopefully it will go super cheap after christmas.

    • You may want to consider investigating softmods, because you really don’t want to reward them for their jerk move of region protecting all software on the Wii. One of the pieces of non-pirating homebrew software lets you run original disc foreign region Wii and GCN games. It’s how I play my US ‘cube games on my Wii!

  • My Wii was one of the first to arrive in the country and it’s always been on it’s side in my presence. I don’t know why anyone bothers with the stand; it looks stupid.

  • With something like this I soon expect to see Pizza Hut selling $8 pizza without the pizza, all you get is the box. Bargain.

    • In my experience, boxes are usually empty, or maybe with a little cheese stuck to the top. And one time, pepperoni. What a day that was!

    • A joke who, despite all their ‘bad decisions,’ out sells both xBox and Playstation and has forced both the above companies to alter their view on gaming.

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