Proof Tim Schafer Can Do Whatever The Hell He Wants

Here's the thing - if anyone other than Tim Schafer's Double Fine had released Happy Action Theater, via the above trailer, I'm sure it would have either been a) roundly ignored or b) written off as a flaccid party game. But do you know what? Tim Schafer has earned the right to create a stupidly fun party game. And he's earned the right to have me play it.

It looks like a Kinect version of Warioware - a series of utterly insane mini games that are incredibly short, yet incredibly inventive. Happy Action Theater looks as though it appeals to the insane fun of having your living room transformed into a virtual play area and Schafer himself claims the game appeals to “three-year-olds or college dorm rooms full of drunken 20-year-olds.”

I'm not three years old, and I don't drink - but hey, I will most likely play this game. It is being released this Christmas via Xbox LIVE.

Thanks Joystiq


    That umm... I err.... just...huh?

    What is this crap?

    I don't know what the hell Tim Schafer does to video game reviews, but every single one i've read always has to rate their mancrush on him.

    it looks fun like when you an friends play around with the webcam settings at a apple computer display.

    That bloke melting into lava is pretty full on


    On a side note - this looks like stupid fun - but i don't know if i'd actually BUY it lol

    Plus i don't own a kinect, nor do i plan to

    I'm a HUGE Tim Schafer fan. But this doesnt do it for me. It looks pretty meh. Costume Quest was awesome, it had all that Tim Schafer charm while being an antirely new genre, but party games?

    COME ON!

    The game looks like it's called Happy Action Theatre, not Happy Action Time.

    What is this, I don't even.

    On that note, I may possibly get it. It looks so...insane and for some reason those games appeal to me. (Muscle march anyone?)

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