Hey Investors, Here’s A Double Fine Adventure Update From Tim Schafer…

Hey Investors, Here’s A Double Fine Adventure Update From Tim Schafer…

In which he reveals the platforms Double Fine’s upcoming adventure game will be developed for, as well as the languages it will be translated into. Apparently, Double Fine got a bit more money than they expected, which means we’ll be seeing a few additional features.

Whether you have issues with the whole Double Fine Kickstarter thing or not, this whole project is an incredibly interesting one — and I’m looking forward to the constant inside looks at this game’s development. I haven’t invested in it, for boring whiny reasons, but I’ll most likely buy the game when it’s released since I’m a huge fan of old school adventure games.


    • I want to live in a world where one and a half million dollars is “a tad”. (I know it’s understatement for humour, but this is a seriously impressive achievement.)

      • Wow yeah i didn’t think about that but yeah you are doing the right thing… now just get your wife to invest instead.

      • For what it’s worth, Mark, I don’t think I’d have a problem with you reporting on it if you’d invested. (Unless you’re talking like chipping in 50 grand, in which case I’d think you were, well, a little crazy.) I don’t think it’d be any different to you buying a game for review – you’re not a typical investor, in that if the game is a success or a failure you don’t stand to actually make or lose any money There’s no conflict of interests.

      • If you had something to gain financially that’d be a conflict of interest, but as this is essentially donationware there’s nothing wrong with it.

        • Donationware! (This may not be the first time this term has been used but I’m claiming that you coined it…for now)

      • If you donate $15 then you’re basically just buying the game ahead of it’s release. Exactly the same as what you’re planning to do anyway.

      • Mark,
        As you are a games writer, and thus dependent on the games industry in its entirety for support (not having a dig at writers!), I think covering ANY game would be a conflict of interest.
        After all, if the games industry goes down, so do you.

      • It’s a bit of a misnomer to call it investing since you won’t profit from it’s success.

        I would have thought since the game has already sold enough copies to pay back for development in full, there is actually less scope for conflict of interest than with any normally-funded game!

  • That’s great news. I donated on the faith that they ‘might’ make a Mac version, so it’s great to know it has been confirmed.

  • Amazing! Got his target of $400,000 in 8 hours (must have gotten in early, was only $160,something when I backed) and is now close to $2 Million.

    This is so awesome. I can’t wait to see what gold is produced 😀

  • Would’ve invested if they supported paypal… oh well. I’ll pick it up when it gets released – they can have my money then; it’s not like they need it yet, what with their rather sizeable “bit”.

  • I like the part where everyone is expecting it to be amazing 😛

    What “IF” ( and it might be a big “IF” ) it was terrible? Im sure it’ll be great but you never know 😛

    • I guess you’ve just got to trust him? Schafer is a pretty trusted and well-liked guy in the industry, though – I would have bought his name sight unseen regardless, and there’s no obligation to pitch in, you can always wait until release and buy it if you’re not sure. It’s not like a random guy is saying “we need 400 thou to make a game, but trust us it’s going to be awesome”.

    • isn’t that why the accompanying documentary? so if the game is terrible we at least get to see the trainwreck as it evolves?

  • When Gabe Newell talked about crowdsourcing being the next big step years ago, I said that if there was one developer I’d support through that process, it would be Tim Schafer.
    Can’t wait to see the results.
    I consider the down payment on this to be a bit more worthwhile than the premium on some of the plastic crap that gets shovelled onto us as ‘collector’s editions’ these days.

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