PS3 Owners, You’re Not Getting A Free Copy Of Battlefield 1943 After All

PS3 Owners, You’re Not Getting A Free Copy Of Battlefield 1943 After All

A while ago, EA announced that people buying the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 would get a nice little bonus: a free copy of Battlefield 1943.

For those unsure which platform to get the game on, that’s one hell of a sweetener, Battlefield 1943 being a great game in its own right.

Fast forward to today, though, and PS3 owners picking up Battlefield 3 have found that there’s no Battlefield 1943 to be found. It’s not on the disc.

In response to people taking to Twitter and saying “uh, where’s Battlefield 1943“, EA has said “In lieu of 1943 being available on disk for PS3 customers, EA has made all BF3 expansions available early to PS3 customers.” So no BF1943 for you, then.

Yet the decision to release the DLC early for PS3 owners had already been made and announced in September. Which means there’s nothing “in lieu” at all, since many PS3 owners had been expecting early DLC and a free game.

It sounds faintly ridiculous to be bitching about free/early stuff, I know, but then, when people pay money with expectations of content, they expect that content to be delivered. The least EA could have done was communicate properly in September the actual reason the DLC was coming early.

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  • I’m not usually one to jump on the whining band wagon and this totally doesn’t even affect me since I bought it on PC and X360. But isn’t that blatant false advertising? There are laws against that in Australia… This is taken from the ACCC “There is a very broad provision in the Australian Consumer Law that prohibits conduct by a corporation that is misleading or deceptive, or would be likely to mislead or deceive you.

    It makes no difference whether the business intended to mislead or deceive you—it is how the conduct of the business affected your thoughts and beliefs that matters.

    If the overall impression left by an advertisement, promotion, quotation, statement or other representation made by a business creates a misleading impression in your mind—such as to the price, value or the quality of any goods and services—then the conduct is likely to breach the law.”

        • Again, I’m usually the type of person who thinks people who write in and complain about stuff have too much time on their hands. But this really seems shockingly blatant to me. I’d encourage any PS3 player who feels at all deceived to complain.

          • +1
            Whilst this does not have any direct effect on me, I also encourage PS3 owners of BF3 to stand up and file a complaint.
            EA cannot walk all over their customers like this. We need to make a stand, and remind them that it is the customer who truly owns a company.

    • There is no “blatant false advertising”, the game “officially” releases this Thursday (even though the street date has been broken) and EA have now put out a statement that you don’t get it the game included.

      Therefore you should’ve been well aware (had the game followed proper release dates) before picking the game up.

      • I’m pretty sure that isn’t how the laws work. By this point anyone who has pre-ordered online would have had their order shipped and it would be too late to cancel. To make no effort to alert customers to a substantial change in the SKU until customers actually own the product is deceptive, plain and simple.

        • Actually, plmko is right – no law has been broken. The street date has been broken thus the offical date still stands. Had it been the other way around date wise then there might has been a case.

          On top of that, to say the law works is a misnomer. The law is about interpretation. It never has been about logics, right and wrong, etc.

          As I often say to my mates, “Show me any law and I will show you 100+ interpretations of the same English sentence.”

          • But what about people in the US? The game came out there before any of this had been confirmed. *shrug* Like I said, this doesn’t affect me so I could care less really, but my gut says this was deceptive and customers got lied to.

          • Like I said – “Show me a Law, and I will show you 100+ interpretations of the same English sentence.”

            Even if you confine to just one country (its gets messy when you go internation), you are still bound to find more interpretations that reasonable.

      • Also the only reason they’ve made any kind of announcement is because people own it now. I doubt they would have mentioned it at all if PS3 owners weren’t already getting angry.

        • The technical term is “Bait Advertising”, and it falls well within the criteria. However, you have to justify losses/damages and the amount of time and effort involved is just not worth it.

  • I don’t think its even remotely ridiculous to be whining about the removal of promised free content – it seems like a clear cut case of false advertising to me.

  • “Buy our car, you will get lifetime free fuel!”

    *Buys car*

    “Oh sorry actually there is no free fuel, but enjoy your new car!”

  • This really should be illegal. I don’t care about battlefield, but surely this is false advertising?

    Oh and bjg you’re a noob. Don’t start fanboy wars.


    “Titles for Xbox 360 must ship at least simultaneously with other video game platforms, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions in all regions where the title is available. If these conditions are not met, Microsoft reserves the right to not allow the content to be released on Xbox 360.”

    • Interestingly, Microsoft are often the one responsible for the PS3 versions having greater content. Consider Portal 2, which had steam compatibility that Microsoft would not allow.

    • That really doesn’t come into play, because the disc contains 2 separate items, BF3 on both consoles comes with the same content. BF1943 isn’t something to be used into of BF3.

      This was another case of EA being in bed with Sony because Activision (COD) are in bed with MS.

      Remember how EA gave PS3 customers Dead Space Extraction on the Dead Space 2 disc? Or when the original Medal Of Honor was given to purchasers of the updated MoH games, Tiger 12 also got 2 (?) more courses in a PS3 collectors edition that the 360 didn’t get.

      • Yeah – this annoys me though because EA the self-proclaimed platform agnostics are throwing all these freebies at PS3 owners yet the sales charts consistently show that these titles generally sell more on the 360.

    • Very interesting, so games have to match ps3 or no sale on the 360, they have contracts with developers for exclusives (DLC and games), and some multi plat (Blops comes into mind) games are much better on the 360, even though the dev says they are equal. It sounds like they are really forcing devs to comply to their demands, or not be able to sell on the console at all.

  • Maybe they thought, well perhaps a lot of consoles owners will end up buying it on PS3 cause it looks better than the 360 version.

    Very cheap of EA – then again they don’t ship games with manuals either!!!

  • it is false advertising

    “Offering rebates, gifts, prizes and other free items
    When supplying or promoting goods or services, it is unlawful to offer rebates, gifts, prizes or other free items without intending to provide them. It is also unlawful to fail to provide them as promised.
    The rebate, gift, prize or other free item must be provided within the specified time or, if no time was specified, within a reasonable time.”

    so ps3 owners should post their letters for their free game

  • “well perhaps a lot of consoles owners will end up buying it on PS3 cause it looks better than the 360 version.”

    Que? Looking at high-res screenshots of BF3 on both consoles, they look identical to me.

  • It’s even bigger false advertising since the ‘Free Battlefield 1943’ logo is plastered all over PS3 console bundles with BF3? Strange days indeed if they decided not to include the game, but still have it on the console boxes…

  • If it was the actual selling point for someone to opt for the PS3 version rather than PC or 360 then yeah, I guess I can respect that. If not, you have too much time to complain. Try to enjoy what you paid for.

  • Bought mine from eb and took it straight back. Stuff em. I can go without their crappy game. Might buy it again in a year or so when it’s <$30 but probably not.

  • well in Australia you could perhaps take them to the ACCC if you could find the announcements but then again the remedy would be simply to return your money.

  • To all those saying people have too much free time to complain about something free, this is more than just about getting free stuff. It’s about denouncing unethical business practices, and holding companies accountable for what they promise. I for one hope EA gets sued into bankruptcy. If we don,t boycott companies that endorse these types of practices it gives them free reign to shit on the customer. Vote with your dollars I say.

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