Remember This? [Update]

Can you remember this game from one single pic? This screenshot is overwhelmingly green, but I have faith in you guys. If you don't get it, I'll drop a second part of the screenshot in the afternoon!

Adding the second part for your guessing pleasure (I've made it too easy now!)


    That looks like King's Quest: Quest for the crown

      Was going to be my guess too. Looks very Sierra.

    one of the Mortal Kombat games on the game boy? possibly MK2?

    Soylent Green: The Video Game on the Atari 2600

    ...that may not have ever existed anywhere other than in my fractured memories.

    Does anyone remember a forest level in RAGE?

      This could actually pass as one of the textures in the Ghost Hideout, they all seem to be tinted green...

    Defender of the Crown?
    That game was sweet, and had lots of grass in it

    The Dig

    (cowers in the corner)

      It's okay, Shane's on holidays, you can hold the 'the Dig' torch while he's gone.

        lol... Mark/Tracey should actually do The Dig as one of them while Shane's away... He'd be so pissed! :)

    World class leaderboard (dos)

    It could also be a picture of what I think was lasgna that's been in my work fridge for the last few weeks...

    Looks like a golf game, Links LS maybe?

    Police Quest

    Grannys maze?

    Quest for Glory 1 (or Heroes Quest 1)

    I reckon it looks like a representation of something kinda spherical and three dimensional - did they make a retro version of de Blob?

    Game Centre app - iOS

    Lee Trevino Fighting Golf? My first 5 guesses have been taken by other people...

      I did not believe this was a title of a real game until I googled it. Also, the mental image of what this game would be did not match what I found - I expected more of a streetfighter-like element.

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