Remember This? [Update]

You guys. I knew I've been taking it too easy. Yesterday's Remember This was solved in minutes. So today I'm cranking things up a tiny notch. I still sort of expect this to be solved quickly, but if you're struggling, I'll post up a second part of the screen in the afternoon.


Here is the full screenshot below.


    hmm, Looks like a shooter to me, so I'll guess Goldeneye, Half-Life or Perfect Dark. Complete guesses though I admit

    So, we did solve it yesterday?

    Also, I think Perfect Dark... possibly the remake. Or, it could be Metal Gear.

      Yes, yesterday was Grand Theft Auto, there was a confirming screenshot posted in the comments.

    Star Wars Dark Forces 2


    Time Crisis, PSone?

    Jedi Knight 2 Outcast

    I'm thinking Return to Castle Wolfenstien.

    Heavy Rain in Namibia?

    max payne 1/2?

      I never played Max Payne half.
      was it a prequel to max payne 1?

        He said 1/2 you smart arse, not ½

          Learn to take a joke, Kotaku AU is a friendly community.

    Halo 2?

    I think something Spacey!


    WC privateer, Xwing v Tie fighter, something like that?

    It kind of reminds me of a shoe.

    So shadow of collosus maybe?

    System Shock 2

      Why do I always get to these late?

      SS2 was the first thing I thought when I saw that texture. Still the Best Game Ever.

      Nicely done! The texture looked familiar, but there's no way I would have guessed the right answer!

    Fade 2 Black

    I guess Tony Hawk's Underground 2 - the airport level.

    It's definitely a roof and wall of some sort.
    Unfortunately I'm not sure which game it is from.

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