Remember This?

Well looks like yesterday's Remember This was solved pretty quickly. Well done to Neo Kaiser for guessing it so quickly!

Before I tag out for today I want to say something about reverse image searches. Back in the day I stopped doing Remember This because of reverse image searches and now that I've brought it back (due to popular demand) I'm really hoping that people will just stick to the honour system with this. Mainly because this is fun and I want it to remain fun!


(Not that anyone is cheating or anything!)

Good luck with today's effort. I love the above image. I seriously want to wallpaper my house with this image.


    Reverse image search found nothing anyway

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      "I am gonna put this cake on the table but DONT EAT IT!!... I trust you!"

      There is always one shithead who eats it ;)

    Micro Machines

      I get a vague Micro Machines vibe too (man, I used to love those games) but I just can't seem to lock it down.

    The Adventures of Tartan McKilty?

    Either that or something with wicked Mode 7 graphics. Like, um, F-Zero?

    Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure / Little Big Adventure

    The Dig?

    Resurrecting old jokes for fun and profit?

    It makes me think of metal gear solid on ps1 for some reason...

      i can kind of see what your are talking about but hard to pin point where it is.

    Tomb Raider 1??

    Finally one I know!
    Serrel Quest IV: Bukake Bandits in time

    I'm getting a very Lucasarts point and click vibe from this, the palette reminds me of The Dig (for realsies!) but i'm not sure...

      Yeah i was thinking that too.

      Like a Jedi Knight : Mysteries of the Sith.

    Aladdin for Mega Drive?

    It's red... has pixels... little squares ..
    It's Red Alert!

    It's red... has pixels... little squares .. hmmm... It's Red Alert!

    Super Probotector? (Aka contra 3)

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