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Man, what a day. To be perfectly honest, I'm so glad I get to sleep in tomorrow and have a day off. Anyways, it's time for Community Kudos.

This week was a week of multiple 'meats'. Last weekend there was a meet because Steve-O the Devo was in town (pretty sure I've spelled that wrong). I couldn't make that because of family stuff (stupid family), then there was a quick meet on Monday to catch up with the almighty Chuloopa. I hadn't met the man before, but I'm glad I did, and he lived up to all my expectations. That is all.

And true to form, Chuloops sent me these noms in response.

I'd like to make a couple of very strong nomination (can noms have strength levels?) for both Harli and Dr. What.

Both of these guys took to my coming with absolute zeal that was just staggering and heart warming. They are seriously 2 of the nicest people i have come accross in a while, and at the meat they really backed that up.

The good Dr. was all over it from the get-go, rallying the troops and helping out. He also supplied me with my first taste of Irn Bru. It was magical. I had dreams of whisical ponies and polar bears singing viking tunes of rainbows made of the finest tapestries and drinking the very stuff to promote health and a glossy coat.

Harli was just non-stop and took over organising when i had no idea about anything in sydney and lead us all to battle, and turned up in the Jeeves shirt with the biggest smile i think i have ever seen on a person, a beacon of energy and friendlyness.

Without these two it would have been a complete disaster.

They are amazing people and deserve to be rewarded.

And of course, the good Dr Watt, came in early with a second nomination for his organiser in crime Harli, emphasizing the fact that she had been instrumental in organising three separate meets all at once.

We had a few other nominations -- Ciaran nominated absolutely everyone (literally) for the awesome level of comments we've had this week (he must have avoided the EB Games story today... just kidding!) Hugo the Barbarian made a nomination that I agree with thoroughly, nominating Sughly for continued excellence in the drawing department.

And that reminds me -- if Kotaku has been running a bit slowly today, this is why.

Strange came in with a nomination today, and it's one I think is very important. Whether you're a fan of of the redesign or not (and I totally am, obviously) our designer Ben put an incredible amount of work into making sure it worked. I'm talking crazy hours -- working late into the night, missing sleep, missing Battlefield 3 time -- the works.

So thanks Strange for a very thoughtful nom -- I know Ben really appreciates it.

But as you all know, Ben works for Allure Media and therefore is not eligible for the ultimate prize, so this week it is my great pleasure to announce that Harli is the winner of this week's Community Kudos. Thanks so much for organising everything, and making sure we all met up on time!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    You're damn right my tattoo is awesome you stud of a man you.

      Also, congrats Harli! You did an awesome job organizing and everything!

    Woooo Harli wooo! I got wind of the fact that you were doing lots of work, so congrats! Also stop making me feel your wind, its gross.

    I present a fusion of Harli and WOO!:
    It'll catch on.

    A well deserved win.

    I think Eats has done such a great job organising Meats... That she should organise ALL future Meats to come. Yaaaaaaay!

    "Chuloopa's girlfriend is nice as well"
    BAHAHAHA - i'm glad to report the feelings are mutual on her behalf!

    Thanks so much Harli!!! You are a stallion! haha

    I might have to try and work something out for the Good Dr. What... I know!

    Would you like a copy of the current humble bundle, my man? Or have you already got all those games?!

      Also - Sughly - you always, ALWAYS deliver

      I <3 you :D

    Nice job Harli!

    Sughly, delivery, etc.

      For as moment there I thought there wasn't a Strange tag. :O

    You deserve it eats a lot. It's a tough gig organizing a bunch of unorganisable people!!


    Pepsi Max free for three weeks? Is that even possible. I drink so much I think I'd get the shakes.

    COngrats Harli! It sounds like it was an awesome night, and I'm sad I couldnt make it, Next time!

    Congrats Harli!

    I can still remember when we thought she was a dude. Oh how she's grown since then :P

    Grats to all! \o/ well deserved :D

    Ring the Australian defence force on 13 19 01 & ask to borrow a tank. I'm sure they'll lend one to you!

      How the hell did this get posted here :S Stuff this i'm going to bed i'm out of it lol.

      Hey loops, I think this was Virus helping you out with how you can repay Dr

        Actually it was a reply to Trjn lol.

        I have no idea how I managed to post it here lol.

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