The Future Of Ghost Recon Will Not Be Decided By Firearms

No, it will be decided by... look, just watch this until around 1:10, OK?

This is an actual commercial for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, due out in 2012 on, well, pretty much everything.

In case you can't tell by the tone, or beneath the helmets, or by the 1:10 mark, it's been put together by the Mega 64 crew.


    Only in the USA would you expect such a stupid ad.

    Man, if more ads were like this I would be broke! Well... Kinda... Does make me want to buy it though :P

    So wow, there's this lameass promotion on Kotaku US featuring Ghost Recon, and there's the amazing, terrifying concept video for Ghost Recon Patriots on RPS. You can see the differences in target audience :\

    It started out looking like it would actually be relatively decent parody/satire of the lazy character design of "let's give him a bandanna, then he'll be tough" that's all over the place these days. It was kind of undermined by there being an actual bandanna.

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