The Kotaku Awards 2011: Nominate Your Favourite Indie/Downloadable Games

Alright we're kicking off award season at Kotaku, and this week we're taking nominations! Every day this week we're taking nominations on each specific category. Next week we'll put up the poll, and the week afterwards we'll announce the winners.

First up -- nominations for the best Indie/Downloadable game. Really this is a catch all award for Indie games released on PC, and all the downloadable, standalone games released on Xbox LIVE/PSN/WiiWare.

And yes, I'm aware this is a little early to be having Game of the Year debates since we still have contenders awaiting release -- but said awards are part of a grander awards strategy across Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker. This is just the nomination phase, so feel free to nominate games that are coming out this week, since we'll most likely be voting next week!

So to get things kicking off, here are a few of my nominations for Indie/Downloadable game of the year...

-- Frozen Synapse -- Bastion -- PixelJunk Sidescroller -- From Dust

So please, drop your noninations in the comments below, and no -- you can't nominate Minecraft because it won last year!

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    Since we can't nominate Minecraft. And Frozen Synapse is already there....

    I'll nominate Terraria.

    From Dust

    Frozen Synapse
    The Binding of Isaac

    The Binding Of Isaac

      This. I am in love with this game

    Still haven't checked out The Binding of Isaac. May need to purchase.

      The Humble Bundle is still on for another 17hrs or so. Probably the best place to acquire it atm.

      It's part of the latest Humble Bundle if you fancy the whole Indie/Charity download-some-awesome-stuff-with-some-not-so-good-stuff thing.


    Anything that's not From Dust.

    Seriously though;
    Hard Reset


    Amazing bullet hell shooter.

    1) Trenched (by a long shot)
    2) Bastion (really need a controller to appreciate this)
    3) Frozen Synapse (only played demo, but dayuuumm $25.)
    4) Binding of Isaac

    Space pirates vs zombies.

    From Dust/Limbo

    Blocks that Matter (in the latest Humble release). Not only an awesome game, but 'best Indie/Downloadable game' should be awarded to the game where you rescue indie developers.

    Or possibly Vessel if they release this year and qualify.

      I agree with this. Played it last night for the first time, lots of fun.


    Bastion & Outland

    1) Bastion
    2) Orc Must Die!
    3) Dungeon Defenders

    - Trenched
    - Bastion
    - Pixeljunk Sidescroller

    Also I have no idea if this qualifies but I want to nominate the the Last Chance to Reason - Level 2 Demo.

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