The Kotaku Awards 2011: Vote For Your Favourite ISP


    Bigpond ftw!

      I also agree with bigpond. Considering i am stuck on a rim/pairgain i can only get adsl 1 and back in the time bigpond had the best plans :D. For 500 gig for adsl 1 is amazing for the price. If i wasn't stuck on a pairgian i would get rid of bigpond asap and get on tpg unlimited but thats just me...

    You're a bit short on choices here guys. There are more than 5 ISPs in this country, and a lot more than 5 that provide national coverage.

      Nominations were last week. I presume this is the final five.

      If you wanted more, should have nominated more.

    I use Adam in Adelaide, but chose Internode for the utterly insane number of hotspots they've put around the city.

    The list of choices is umm... lacking to say the least.

    I am also stuck on a lousy pairgain line. TPG has a great ADSL 1 - 8K unlimited plan for us poor souls.

    Their service is reliable, prices are reasonable and customer service is great. We usually get pretty much max speeds of 800kb/ps while downloading.

      Pair Gain for me too - even if I used Bigpond (which I don't preferring TPG instead) I wouldn't vote for them on principle given they way that Telstra has botched all infrastructure in this country post privatisation.

        hmmmm Maybe i am not on a pairgain and its a rim instead i got told i could not get onto tpg and really i don't want to move now since there is "limited" ports...

    It was the top 5 nominated ISP's from the 'Nominate your favourite ISP" a few days ago.

    Bigpond's actually made a big turn around (for me anyway). Got my vote, but then again, I've never been with anyone else so IDK.

    TPG all the way. Great prices, no problems, and good customer service.

    I'll give Bigpond respect when they decide to not fuck over people stuck with wireless internet.

    TPG for me. They've got great rates, but terrible terrible service.

    Did people over at Gizmodo and Lifehacker also choose these 5 providers?

    I can't vote because I don't use, nor have I ever used any of these providers.

    I don't want to vote because I have only ever used one of these and can't comment on the others. Mine seems fine but I have no point of comparison.

    I'm on Optus, but I wouldn't exactly rave about it. Not getting my vote, that's for sure. :D

    No none of the above option? I'm a long time 'node customer and would have little trouble recommending them to anyone outside of Metro-Australia, however this morning's announcement about the 'big-5' telcos all back flipping over their decision (however in principle it may be) to pass on their customers details after 3 warnings is a big bummer. Time will tell, as one of the telcos state

    ""It's a proposal," Mr Dalby said. "There is no 'date of effect'. If there is insufficient support, it'll wither on the vine.""

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