These Skyrim Launch Celebrities Had No Clue

Not all of them, but many of them were completely in the dark. Website GamerZone was on hand to talk to the celebs at the Skyrim launch and suss out who was there for Skyrim and who was simply... there.

Music group The All-American Rejects said they got their fill on gaming with the NES, adding that they attending a party for "Skyrim 3", with one member adding that the last game he played was Wii title Press Your Luck.

Press your luck, indeed.

Actor Eric Balfour didn't seem like he was at the event for Skyrim or even "Skyrim 3", saying, "Yes, we're here, and we're gonna watch Jane's Addiction."

While Teddy Volynets (I Googled him) offered, "I'm a gamer believe it or not". He said he is the Wii Tennis champion of his household.

And just when things start to get really depressing Lynda Carter, who did voice acting in Skyrim showed up and called Bethesda's Todd Howard a "genius". Lovely! She was followed by Briana Evigan, who said she was excited for the new Uncharted.

The evening's biggest star, Chistina Aguilera didn't stop to talk with GamerZone, instead breezing by and blowing a kiss. But we already know that she is a huge gamer. Or so she says!

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Launch Party - Celebrities Talk Gaming [YouTube]


    That was... surreal. Who attends an event with no idea what it's about? It doesn't really alleviate my concern that celebrities are utterly clueless about everything or that their manager takes care of everything for them.

    Damn man...

      I understand the point you were trying to make with that video but tricking me into listening to the start of an Eminem song is unforgivable.

      I'm only being half serious. But which half!?

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