Amazon's Biggest Selling Game Over Christmas Was... Just Dance 3?

Amazon has just released a list of the most ordered goods on its site over the Christmas period, and while said list seems like an excuse to gloat about sale of the Kindle Fire, interestingly enough the biggest selling video game was Just Dance 3.

Not a huge shock, I definitely would have predicted a top 10 entry for the game, but would have fully expected Modern Warfare 3 to take the top spot.

But it wasn't far behind, taking out second place. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came in third place. Apparently Amazon customers bought enough copies of Just Dance to give every person who participated in the world record for simultaneous dancing 15 copies of the game.

That's a meaty, rubbish way of saying that Amazon sold roughly 360,000 copies of the game.


    Look Mark, don't knock it till you've tried it!

    So where did The Old Republic come on that list? (I'm on a mobile right now...)

    Evidence enough that video games are no longer the domain of the geek in their basements...

    No source link?

    Well isn't the majority of cod gamers able to buy it themselves whilst people who buy just dance are buying for their kids on Xmas?

    All because of the Mega64 video hahahhaah

    360,000 copies of one game from one retailer is massive. Where do they store 360,000 copies of ONE game??

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