Brisbane Band Replicate Every iPhone Game Ever In Real Life

Here at Kotaku we often get sent a lot of not so great YouTube vids, but every now and then something awesome arrives in our inbox. The Pokemon rap was a good example, but this incredibly well made music video, created by HeyGeronimo, a band based in Brisbane, almost tops that. In the video the band wonders what would happen if their favourite iPhone games could be recreated in real life. Highlights? A man dressed as an Angry Bird launching himself from a trampoline and a man trying to dress his dog up as Om Nom from Cut the Rope. This video is genuinely awesome.

Thanks Dean!


    Yeah youre right, that was pretty awesome. Blew my mind when the cat walked onto the air traffic control game, I thought it was digital

    Shit song. Great clip. HOT flight attendant!!

      I actually can't stop singing the song's chorus...

        'Youaaiii de errrrde beerrrrrr de geerrrrde berrrrr', meanwhile everyone else in Kotaku is like oh man Serrels is singing something again.

    That was pretty damned impressive!

    Only time I've ever played plants vs zombies.. the minor head injury has left me unsure if I want to play it ever again.

    Good to see the Australian apps in there! Respect to Firemint and Halfbrick.

    Kind of reminded me of the Internet Meme song from a few weeks ago.

    Mad karnts.

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