Hey, Assholes, Stop Trying To Scam Steam & Charitable Indies

The latest Humble Indie Bundle, which offers farcical bang-for-buck, has been for many a great way to get a load of great games for a reasonable price. Sadly, for others, it's been a way to try and scam a very lucrative competition.

Right now, Steam is running a frequent competition whereby it "raffles" off free games to owners of a Steam account. To increase their chances of winning this competition, then, some people are paying one single dollar for the Humble Indie Bundle then using the bundle's associated Steam keys to improve their number of entries, and thus their odds of getting free games.

As a result of this, the Bundle team has had to remove Steam keys from all bundles being sold from here on in, meaning those generous, legitimate customers who wanted said keys with their purchase are now being stiffed.

Way to go, arseholes.

$1 Min. Price For Getting Steam Keys [Humble Indie Bundle]



    "the Bundle team has had to remove Steam keys from all bundles being sold from here on in"
    Erm, no, you need to spend a minimum of $1 to get Steam Keys now. The link even says that!

    Kotaku journalism at its finest. It says right there in the link title it's now a $1 minimum for Steam keys.

      I'm removing Kotaku from my news feed, and everyone else should, too.

        Someone on the internet told me to do something. MUST OBEY!

    So is it assholes, or arseholes? Assholes and elbows. How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?

      Stow that shit Hudson!

    This isn't journalling at its finest.

    I dare say Luke read the headline elsewhere but did not read the actual news on the Humble page. Very poor look to reference an article where even the link conflicts with the published news piece.

      On the first day of Christmas
      Kotaku gave to me
      Some shit that was poor quality

    These comments are a prime example of why it is good to let the readers respond to jorno's articles. Luke Plunkett status:
    [ ] Not told
    [ ] Told
    [X] No Country for Told Men

    Tempted to buy the bundle, just to spite the scammers X(

    lol read the first comment and then guessed Luke wrote it without looking

    Everyone chill out lol

    Oh boo fricken hoo.
    If they didn't want people to use the bundle as steam keys for the raffle THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE INCLUDED THE BUNDLE IN THE GIVE AWAY!!!

    Way to blame the gaming public Luke. Next time maybe point out the complete lack of forethought by steam/HIB crowd.

    Anything steam related in the HumbleBundle contradicts their DRM free advertising imo... that is to say, I paid good money for these games, someof which I will not play due to Steam.

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