How A Diablo III Cosplay Scares The Neighbors

Unless it's Halloween, cosplay is restricted to indoors and nerd events. Crafty-type Joshua Smith seems to have forgotten this when he took his truly amazing Diablo III out and about.

Previously, Kotaku profiled Joshua's impressive costume, as well as his creepy room.

In the above video, you can see the full body costume in motion — and standing next to a Ford pickup truck.

Whatever will the neighbours think? Bravo, that's what.

Diablo III Costume — Full Body [YouTube via Inc Gamers]


    all cosplay freaks me out, i dont see the appeal

    Nice use of the God of War III soundtrack in that video too.

    I wonder more about how well he can walk in those high heels... but maybe that's just me...

    impressive costume but he looks like he's having a lot of trouble walking.

      No cosplay is complete without the cosplayer being extremely uncomfortable and unable to do things without assistance!

    God damn Wadsworth Constant again... keep forgetting.

    That ain't Diablo. It's Calista Flockhart minus makeup.

    Either way, can any die-hard Diablo fans tell me why his appearance changes so drastically between each game?

      Diablo has no earthly form. He often appears as an incarnation of the viewers deepest darkest fears (he is the lord of terror after all). In the games he takes on a generalised demon form, which changes depending on the human vessel he has taken. Rumors are that in D3 he is in the body of a female because a lot of the artwork seems to show a very feminine body type.

        Hell, my joke works even better then if the rumours turn out to be true.

    Thank you for the grate feedback about my diablo 3 costume.:)

      Dude thats wicked, would love to see filmed reactions of you running through a busy shopping mall screaming... or any public area will do!

    Amazing that he built ALL of this in a matter of weeks,

    id tap that

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