The Realistic Summer Sports Simulator Totally Nails The Olympics

You know Owen's 2011 Sports Game of the Year awards? Throw 'em out. Straight out the window. Because now, at the 11th hour, we have a game that bests them all.

Get a load of Realistic Summer Sports Simulator. Looking to have been inspired by Epyx's Summer Games and QWOP, it's a $US0.99 iPhone game that looks like both the worst and best sports game ever made. At the same time.

Realistic Summer Sports Simulator [Apple App Store, via IndieGames]


    What's with that flag? The Commonwealth Star below the Union Jack says it is the Australian flag, but we don't have red in our Southern Cross.

      That's because it's the New Zealand flag

        The New Zealand flag doesn't have the commonwealth star....

      All of the countries in the game are weird mixes of other countries, and have weird mixes of flags... none of the flags or countries are real.

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