Voice Actor Does Lines For Half-Life: Episode 3?

First, there was that T-shirt that delivered more questions than answers. Now, we have an unconfirmed report from the UK edition of Official Xbox Magazine stating that it's heard from a US voice actor who "recently recorded lines for 'Half Life Episode 3'". OXM UK is currently chasing the actor for more details.

Half-Life, as a series, has been dead to me for a while now. It took me years to buy Episode 2, and even then, I didn't rush to complete it. It was a far better product than the first episode, which I controversially awarded a 5/10 in Atomic another century ago (link goes to a summary of the issue, not the review, unfortunately). So I'm not exactly ripping my pants off at this rumour, but I may raise an eyebrow if these two events — the shirt and voice actor rumour — are joined by a third. That would be far too much of a coincidence to ignore.

Are we over Half-Life? Would you prefer Valve just leave it alone in favour of other projects (as it's done with Portal), or does the developer owe its fans a conclusion to what was once a thrilling game series with few peers?

Valve voice actor working on "Half Life: Episode 3" [Official Xbox Magazine UK]


    Wow. Just. Wow. You are entitled to your opinion, but for me Half-life 2 is one of the best games ever made. It's one of those games that i frequently go back and re-play. I do agree that episode 1 wasn't the greatest, but it deserved much more than a 5/10, especially when you consider that these days Modern Warfare 3 can get a 9/10.

    Episode 2 was just so fantastically paced. It proved that the episodic format was viable... but unfortunately it did not suit valve's 'valve time' schedule.

    Also, fuck you. Episode 2 was left with a huge unresolved cliffhanger. No I do not want them to 'leave it alone in favour of other projects'. How would you feel if a game that YOU liked was left open ended for years without resolution?

      "How would you feel if a game that YOU liked was left open ended for years without resolution?"

      A Shenmue fan says hi.

        part of me dies whenever i hear someone say shenmue.... :(


      Yikes, that was a lot stronger a response than I was expecting. I agree it was a huge cliffhanger, but there's something to be said for striking while the iron is hot.

      I also never said they should work on other projects, it was just part of the question I asked. If you read the other half, it's pretty pro-finish it.

      5/10 was definitely too low a score -- but it was almost five years ago and I have a much different perspective on gaming than I had then. The me of today would probably have given it a 7, a 6.5 at worst.

        You jackass, every time there's a Valve story people are always asking in the comments "Where's Episode/HalfLife 3?"

        People are not over this smart, fun and interesting series, with GOOD characters, GOOD story, twists, great locals, headcrabs...

        How can people be 'over' this, especially after one of, if not the biggest cliffhangers in gaming?

          If people keep up the personal insults, I will start deleting comments. There's no need it for it, thanks.

          Now, with that out of the way, I'm personally over it. There are so many games to play, I don't have the time or inclination to pine for something that may never happen.

          I know I'm in the minority, but I don't understand all the anger from simply asking if other people feel the same way. I didn't realise it was so hard to separate emotion from reason.

            Censorship will destroy your credibility, you wrote your opinion in a public space on the internet, the repercussions of which may entail people calling you an idiot. But that's their opinion, you may find it as invalid as they no doubt find your opinion on Half Life, but censorship is never good.

            In relation to the piece; you're either incredibly out of touch with gaming, especially on PC, or you were trolling, in which case you're going to receive the usual responses that trolls get and you should suck it up.
            If you are just that out of touch with gaming (expecting that people would rally against one of the most beloved games of the past decade) then why should we respect your authority as a journalist?

              All I hear from this comment is that we should blindly praise everything Valve does and not have opinions. Unless your opinion is that Half-Life is a series fallen from the heavens, programmed by God Himself.

            The fact that you don't understand is the reason you are in the minority.

        "5/10 was definitely too low a score — but it was almost five years ago and I have a much different perspective on gaming than I had then. The me of today would probably have given it a 7, a 6.5 at worst."
        It's official, our standards used to be higher five years ago :(

          I'm sorry, but when you write an article about a much anticipated game that people have been crying for news about, and you come up with 3 lines of the actual news then TWO PARAGRAPHS about how you don't like the game and think it should be dropped, then I'm sorry, you really need to look at yourself and your writing.

            Its a blog, not a wiki. If you don't want their personal slant (whether you agree with or not) get your news elsewhere.

              Last I checked Kotaku is primarily gaming news, with 'blog' being the method of delivery, much like traditional news being delivered via newspaper. It doesn't excuse flame-baiting.

            As much as I like HL2, I never got people praising the story. There barely was one. I hate it when exposition is in your face, but I still felt HL2 could have used a little more explanation of what the hell was going on.

      EVERYBODY else STFU, half-life is a good game

      MW3 shits all over HL1.

    Many developers get ripped into for releasing games which don't have enough polish or are full of bugs.
    In a game the size of Skyrim or Oblivion this is inevitable.
    However, Valve had people believing HL2 was vapouware at one stage because they had announced it then gone away to develop it in silence.
    The fan support and roumor mill is publicity all its own and I would rather wait in uncertainty then be blown away than be following the developer step by step and be let down by the features which didn't make the cut or the prevalence of bugs.


    I have to agree with Steven there. Just because Valve haven't been RUSHING to get Episode 3 out the door, and just because they've been working on a hell of a lot of other things in the meantime, doesn't mean Half Life 2 Episode 3 should be forgotten by the people (us, we're the people).

    Anyway, I would've taken the shirt as either a joke or wishful thinking (it did say Half-Life 3 after all (didn't it?)) but the voice acting means that they're finally making more progress on it. At least, visible progress. They could've been working on it all the time as far as we know while keeping mum on the subject. I think I've forgotten my point.

    And yeah, Episode 2 had that whole HUGE CLIFFHANGER thing. Kind of a big deal. I would certainly like some resolution on that rather than saying "lol they should just work on other projects". They've worked on other projects. It's time for Gordon to show the world what FPSes are supposed to be like again.

      Thanks for the well-reasoned reply Razor, it's greatly appreciated.

      I would definitely like to see the cliffhanger resolved also, but not as much as I used to. I guess the strength of seeing it resolved has lessened significantly over time.

        Aww shucks, you're quite welcome.

        As for having the fire burn down, it's understandable. Earlier this year, I honestly didn't give two fucks about Skyrim. It blew my friend's mind who thought I was crazy for not being super hyped for it. It wasn't until the last few months when the released hype was mounting that I started to want it again. Then I got it and it was amazing. Evidentally what had happened is that I'd forgotten just how much I had enjoyed Oblivion.

        I guess what I'm getting as is, maybe you too will discover that anticipatory yearning for Beardy McGlasses to get his crowbar on, perhaps all you need is some prelease info from Valve themselves. "So in this game, the gravity gun has a laser, and our see-saw puzzles are even better!" Something like that.

        I think Half-Life 2 was a terrible game. The pacing was off, I spent ages just walking around not having fun, and the vehicle sections were the most frustrating and un-fun game sections of my videogame lifetime experience. The game bored me to tears, and I think it was the most lacklustre part of the Orange Box.

        Also, can people please stop focusing on a number score for games? A single digit will not describe a person's opinion of a game, especially if it is a complex opinion such as "Great production values but I disagree with X, Y and Z features." as opposed to "OMFG BEST/WORST GAME EVAR 10 out of TENNNG"

          When you say "Half-life 2 was the worst part of the Orange Box" what you're really saying is "I never played Half-Life and I only played Half-Life 2 for 5 minutes because it was included when I picked up the Orange Box on sale for my Xbox 360."

          Doesn't do much for your case :-P

    This is the internet dude. People whinge.

    I will literally cry when Valve confirm the next HL and we see footage. That series to me is what games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger are to other people.

    I think at this point Valve has to be working on a new engine to deliver the next entry in their flagship franchise. Portal 2 showed us that Source is still pretty cool and all but at the end of the day that engine is getting pretty old, even with all of the updates over the years.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Valve ditched the episode titles and announced a full sequel running on their brand spanking new Source 2.0 engine.

    In the meantime, I'll be setting my watch to Valve Time.

    I love Half-Life. I want to see closure, I want that Valve single player experience from the eyes of a crow bar wielding scientist!

    Are we over Half-Life? ARE WE OVER HALF-LIFE?!!!

    Seriously though, I personally am happy to wait decades, as long as I get it. I'm not going to get my panties in a twist if you don't feel the same way though, jeez...

    Actually, Episode 1 was my favourite. I found Half Life 2 to be incredibly boring and Episode 2 to be good but not quite as enjoyable.

    Regardless I'm interested in Half Life 3 as I'd always thought the series had a good plot.

    I'm confused about Kotaku. Is it gaming journalism or is it an opinionated blog with multiple writers?


    Are we over Half Life? Seriously?

    That aside, I've been waiting for years and years to hear more about HL3\Episode 3, and to be honest, I am still pumped for the game like a young school boy about to get a root for the first time in his life. The shirt in my opinion sounds like a hint, so I'm hoping Gabe isn't trolling us with that. And ever since the ending of Episode 2, I have been asking myself so many questions, with what will happen next, what will become of Judith, Alyx, and Gordon himself.

    And by the time this sequel comes out, I hope it is just as promising as I think it will be, and that it will show what a TRUE FPS game is. And another main question for me is;


    @Logan Booker,

    Way to kick the hornets nest by not auto praising valve and actually being a decent journalist, pity you're going to get so much flak from it.

    HL2 was definitely around a 7/10 max.

      7 is being generous for HL2.

      I barely finished it and Episode One, then gave up on Episode 2. It was just so far removed from what I loved about Half-Life that I just couldn't like it.

      Though while Valve loves toying with its fans and drip feeding them morsels of information....they really need to come out and say something about the future of Half-Life...whether its Episode 3 or a fully fledged Half-LIfe 3.

      Its almost reaching DNF heights of "Will it or wont it".

      In your opinion.

    I for one have borrowed a friends Orange Box set for the holidays and plan on finishing both the episodes in the near future. I maintain that Half Life 1 was far superior to the sequel. It is without a doubt a cornerstone in gaming! I felt as though the story in 2 was well paced and well made, however, I wasn't the biggest fan of the vehicle sections. They felt pretty disjointed, but I didn't mind them so much. I'm looking forward to playing the episodes because I hear that Episode 1 takes places directly after the events of Half Life 2. So that should be interesting to see. I also love the Valve Universe and enjoyed the many references to Aperture Science and Black Mesa in the respective games. Especially after the hidden "Borealis" and all the hype about this missing ship containing portal technology, I'm really looking forward to seeing it all wrap up. In comparison to modern games? I'd have to say that Valve certainly is capable of holding its own in todays market! Not bad for a bunch of guys that decided to quit/get fired from Microsoft back in the day!

    I used to be over Half Life, but then I took an arrow to the knee...

    I think it would be a little stupid to be doing Episode 3 - they should just go right into Half-Life 3.

    I personally believe too much time has lapsed for them to do the same thing that was seen in Half-Life 2 and its subsequent episodes. I say, yeah continue the story but with a fresh coat of paint in Half-Life 3.

      The same thought occurred to me as well. It's not as elegant as having a third episode to wrap everything up, but a minor reboot and a fresh start would definitely engage me.

        They've ditched the episodic scaffold. They're just doing Half Life 3.
        Also, I think you should seriously reconsider you're view on the Half Life series.
        What you wrote has offended alot of Kotaku readers. My self included.

        Half-life was and still is one of the best FPS's in the industry. It trumps the Call of Duty series. Shred's the Halo series. There hasnt been an FPS that has come close to the story and pacing of Half Life in years. The last one that came close was probably Portal. And even then, Portal borrows alot from Half Life ie. Silent protagonist, puzzles and etc.

        Half Life to me was the pinnacle of PC gaming back in 1998. I was 8 at the time with my first pentium 3. It was amazing. It had it all. The guns, the twists and bends in the plots. The AI and the graphics with the amazing colored aliens. It was refreshing and it stood out from the lists of lack lustre Strategy games as well as the generic shoot em ups such as Quake 1 and 2.

        Half life 2 despite what cynics say was an easy 9/10. The animation, was tight and fluid and the environment was immersive. It looked like a believable world. The action was well paced and the game play was varied. One moment you were fighting along with the rebels in the rubbles of the falling foundations of city 17, the next you were driving along the beach in a buggy killing antlions. I was only 15 but that game was a god send to me. I loved it and I still do.

        Episode One was not the best but it was good enough that it didn't deserve a 5/10. What were you smoking? It was easily an 8/10. Where as Episode 2 just got back on the horse and showed the world what good writing, pacing and gaming was. It was a masterpeice and a hell of a cliff hanger.

        I still play the half life games from time to time. Not just for nostalgia. But to remind my self that there are still games these days that don't go completely Hollywood and retain the integrity of the story.
        In fact, I would go as far to indeed seriously question your integrity as a Video Game journalist when you disparage one of the most loved franchises in the gaming industry. Please list your reasons why you didn't like it. Back your self up instead of posting dead links.

        Redeem your self as a journalist. Oh and yes this is a personal attack. I've read alot of crap articles of Kotaku. But this one broke the camels back.

        I am for a lack of a better word. Disgusted.

          And clearly over reacting. Just because one person didn't like your beloved series, they are clearly out just to get you, and have no integrity? I would argue the opposite, that Mr Booker here has plenty of integrity in that he didn't just go "Oooh, Half Life. Insta high score!", played it and formed his own opininon, which was a 5/10. You disagree, and that's fine.

          I'm glad you enjoyed the Half Life series so deeply, I really am. But calm down. The guy even said that he was maybe overly harsh back then, and would rate it higher nowadays. But to call out his "integrity as a Video Game journalist" just because he didn't rate it highly? That's pure fanboyism right there. I immensely enjoyed Quake and Quake 2, but I'm not going to tear down your opininon that they were just generic shooters.

          As the saying goes "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and it stinks".

            Quake might be a generic shooter by todays standards, but that doesn't excuse that it gave birth to High speed Deathmatches, rocket jumps, and another of elements that are being used today.

            As for the “integrity as a Video Game journalist” comment, I don't know if I'd go that far, but I'm not going to disagree. HalfLife has received almost universal praise, received a multitude of awards and posting that it was mediocre and whether it should even be returned when there's hints of a new game to is a bit like a priest of the catholic church telling their congregation that there's signs of Christ returning, but he was a medocre at best saviour and probably isn't worth coming back. You'd have a near-riot, or at least a few choice comments thrown at him (along with a bible or two)

          Dude? He's just expressing his own opinion, he's then stated that if given the chance he would change the score. It's his own personal preference if you honestly don't like...Deal with it.
          Don't like the Kotaku reviews...Don't read them.

          Could you be any more of the worst aspect of a Valve fan, constant mongering because someoone has the sheer bravado to not like something you do. It's called an opinion. Most level headed people would read it maybe get angry and then get over it.

          "Redeem your self as a journalist. Oh and yes this is a personal attack. I’ve read alot of crap articles of Kotaku. But this one broke the camels back.

          I am for a lack of a better word. Disgusted"

          Again could you whinge any harder?
          I could lend you a tampon because you obviously need one.

          To be fair, Episode 1 was pretty short.

            Soo.... essentially you're saying that he should have withheld his own, honest thoughts on the game to pander to the massess because they might get upset at having their beliefs challenged?

            Personally, I've never really gotten the Half-Llife love. This may be because I got bored about halfway through both one and two and never finished them. But that's something I'm admittedly in the minority on.

              I'm going to guess this was aimed at Esther up above?

          This is one of the most ignorant, childish comments I've ever had the misfortune of reading on this site.

    Um... sure you can have your own opinions about games but... ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS??? LEAVE THE HALF LIFE SERIES????!!!!
    NO WAY!
    "Are we over half-life?"

    "Would you prefer Valve just leave it alone in favour of other projects (as it’s done with Portal)"

    Umm... Portal is an extension of Half-Life. It's in the same universe. Anyone who plays the Half-Life games was probably more interested in playing Portal 2 for clues on HL2Ep3/HL3 than for the game itself (not to undermine the game itself; it's game of the year in its own right, but I don't think that people who aren't that familiar with HL actually understood much or any of the plot, which, for me, is the most interesting part). There's no way people are over HL. It's absolutely amazing. It's so good in fact, that Valve don't need to do a shred of advertising at all; the gaming community discusses it probably more than any other unofficially officially announced game. The HL franchise is, in my opinion, the best gaming franchise ever (probably one of the most extensive). No quarrels with yours, but your question which was posed somewhat rhetorically, has an outright "no" as its answer.

    Portal is really just an expansion of Half-Life, as was Opposing Force, Blue Shift etc. Maybe in 24 hours there will be some info on HL3 after the VGA.

    You are seriously going to ask a bunch of Half Life fans whether they are "over" the series and whether Valve should just leave this series as it stands with Episode 2s ending? Okedoke ...

    No, I'm not over Half Life. Despite the series dropping off the radar for the last few years. When the next piece of the story is released, either Ep 3 or HL3, the series will become relevent again.

    Hell, I'll be over the moon when Black Mesa is done...

    I would like to see Half life 3 but seriously, this is beyond over reacting. You're acting like a 13 year old on xbox live just wanting to be griefed. He was asking a question, a polite no and then adding a simple reason why would've been suffice. Valve isn't going to read this blog and instantly say, quick, stop making half life 3!
    I understand you're a fan, and while it sounds like Logan did enjoy it, it's been so long he is over it. All he was asking was if anyone else felt the same.
    No need to swear or tear him to shreds. =/
    But yeah, I would like to see a 3rd one but I need to finish episode 1, I got stuck on the bloody striders D=

    I got over it. I loved Ep2, but after portal 2 I realised they've given up, and it's not worth getting worked up over. I was nuts about it years ago though. What was it, 2006 or something?

    5 years of cliffhanger have just made me stop caring.

    For real...everytime I see the thumbnail pic used in this article....on kotaku...my heart jumps a little with the thought that it might be news of HL3.

    I loved Half-life, and still think it is the best first person shooter to date. It was revolutionary for its time in the way that it told the story through only first person view, the differing artificial intelligence between the soldiers and the aliens from Zen. The fucking sweet-ass crowbar.
    Half-life 2 took all of that away, and tried to expand what was essentially an excellent stand-alone narrative by throwing in unneccessary characters (I hated Alyx I and her stupid robot dog) a whole bunch of half-hearted and poorly executed concepts -driving in a third person view in half-life? get fucked- and was basically used as a base to push their source engine into the hands of willing developers. How much money do you think they made off half-life 2 compared to how much they made contracting out the use of the source engine to other game companies?
    Mr Booker has an incredibly good point about half-life, and for all the fanboys out there who are making petty personal attacks because he has disagreed with you, why don't you just go rage somewhere else? There is a place for opinion in journalism and there has been for about 200 years. If they do make a half-life 3, I hope they don't fuck it up like they did with the second one. Don't like my opinion? Suck my dick you insecure assholes.

      OH AND before i forget - they used half-life 2 as a platform to launch their digital content delivery service Steam, which I remember when it first came out was a pain-in-the-ass and the one of the first forms of bullshit internet-based DRM.

      "I loved Half-life, and still think it is the best first person shooter to date. It was revolutionary for its time in the way that it told the story through only first person view, the differing artificial intelligence between the soldiers and the aliens from Zen. The fucking sweet-ass crowbar.
      Half-life 2 took all of that away"

      I don't know what game you played mate, but HL2 told story, all through First Person, had different AI between the aliens and Combine (and added Rebels) and had the crowbar.

      They didn't take any of that away.

    I just wonder why MW3, which is actually MW2 with a few rehashed guns from MW1 and a few more crappy maps, a really linear singeplayer, and generally with the same graphics as MW1 had gets a straightout 9.99/10 even though it's the same shit all the time gets a score higher than HL2 and its episodes. HL2 has so many different areas, plotholes, interesting characters and a story than MW3 ever had and yet it's 'less interesting, more repetitive and generally awkward' than MW3?

    Are you reviewers getting paid by Activision to praise MW3 to heaven?
    I gotta admit myself the gunplay in HL2 is kinda awkward, but you just know the developers put quite a lot of time in HL2 and definitely HL3 otherwise they could've just released it a few months after EP2 (cough cough cod). Instead, they took their time, probably to rewrite the entire graphics engine, added great differences and whatnot.

    I really think Valve is far more superior over all the COD developers because they don't just add a few more things and call it a new game even though it's the same shit over and over.

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