Voice Actor Does Lines For Half-Life: Episode 3?

First, there was that T-shirt that delivered more questions than answers. Now, we have an unconfirmed report from the UK edition of Official Xbox Magazine stating that it’s heard from a US voice actor who “recently recorded lines for ‘Half Life Episode 3′”. OXM UK is currently chasing the actor for more details.

Half-Life, as a series, has been dead to me for a while now. It took me years to buy Episode 2, and even then, I didn’t rush to complete it. It was a far better product than the first episode, which I controversially awarded a 5/10 in Atomic another century ago (link goes to a summary of the issue, not the review, unfortunately). So I’m not exactly ripping my pants off at this rumour, but I may raise an eyebrow if these two events — the shirt and voice actor rumour — are joined by a third. That would be far too much of a coincidence to ignore.

Are we over Half-Life? Would you prefer Valve just leave it alone in favour of other projects (as it’s done with Portal), or does the developer owe its fans a conclusion to what was once a thrilling game series with few peers?

Valve voice actor working on “Half Life: Episode 3” [Official Xbox Magazine UK]


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