Watching Dante's World Get Torn Apart In DmC Gets Me All Excited

While I enjoyed the Japanese-developed Devil May Cry series and adore English developer Ninja Theory, I had absolutely no interest in this new DmC until I saw this video.

And to think all it took was the world crumbling apart. The fighting gameplay video we posted earlier this month did nothing for me, mainly because it was exactly the sort of thing I expected from a Devil May Cry game.

This, on the other hand, surprised me. Facing off against forces capable of rending the very fabric of reality in order to impede your progress sounds like the sort of challenge I'm up for, and the effects in the cathedral? I must have them in my television screen.

Oh, and screw you too, demons.


    If only the game WASN'T A BLOODY REBOOT. I would love to see something like this in DMC5 but not a reboot that kills everything from the last 4 games.

    that was...weird. Cool idea but if its all like that could get fairly boring very quickly.

    It looks pretty cool and I like ninja theory, but I hope it doesn't have input lag like enslaved DMC is all about quickness and chains

    Ninja Theory working on it still makes me nervous. DMC is meant to be a challenge that rewards players who play with style and skill, and while Enslaved was a beautiful game, on the hardest difficulty i could play it without even trying.

    "MegaMan MegaMan! These guys are called Hammer Joes. They'll swing their mighty hammer around and the--" "SHUT UP I DONT NEED YOU!!!"

    The things moving actually makes me motion sick. Guess I won't actually be able to play it no matter my opinion =/

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