What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's New Year's Even tomorrow, so I'm guessing that gaming won't exactly be a priority for a lot of you, but New Year's Day? That might be a time to sprawl on your couch, nurse a hangover and play something.

I don't drink, so I'll most likely be that annoying guy who doesn't have a hangover — yeah, I used to hate that guy. I'll also most likely be playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, or Super Mario 3D Land if other folks decide to dominate my TV.

I've sort of broken through the slow burning opening of Skyward Sword and I'm into the real meat of the quest. It turns out the game wasn't quite the massive deviation from the Zelda structure I hoped it would be, but I'm really starting to enjoy it nonetheless.

Anyway — what are you guys playing this weekend?


    More of The Old Republic, but possibly Bulletstorm or Alien Breed as well.

    Or Ass Creed Rev.

    My weekend is going to be dominated by Star Wars: The Old Republic. Who needs friends when I have lightsabers?

      Better yet, get your friends into the game and you'll have friends WITH lightsabers, best of both worlds

      Or forget lightsabers entirely and stick with a pair of blasters & kicking people in the bollocks. Gunslingers rule...

    Finally got my hands on Star Wars: The Old Republic!!! however the 25gb download should be quite fun... i might even get to play it this weekend

    I finally picked up Portal2 (thanks Steam sale!) so I might give that a burl and give the HL2 episodes another crack. I'm thinking my new years resolution might be to try Skyrim. I'm not going out so if the kid sleeps through it'll be a full night of gaming.

    Blazblue: Continuum Shift. and maybe a bit of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.
    And Portal.

    I usually don't drink, but i may have a beer or two, but i certainly won't be drunk. It's been a long time since i've done that.

    I don't really know if i';ll get much gaming it. Got more homework and assignments that need doing, and a bunch of us are going to a hotel for new years. Should be interesting i guess

    If i do get some time i'm hoping to play some Kill Team/Space Marine or whatever i happen to feel like at the particular point in time on steam.. maybe bastion??

      Chuloopa, you made me change my mind. I totally forgot about Bastion. Dammit. Now I'm confused.

    I shall be at a mates place LAN'ing from 3 this arvo till sometime tomorrow night. currently on the list of games to play is Anno 2070 and Civilisation V.
    Undoubtedly we will all get sucked back into The Old Republic at some point because its so dam fun!

    I started playing Bastion yesterday. I think somehow that's what I'm going to keep playing until I'm done.

      My personal favourite game for this year and im usually not a fan of smaller indie games. the music and narration make that game great.

    Picked up Shogun 2 cheap off Steam, and have yet to give that a go. Only problem is, that involves sitting upright at my desk on my PC. New Year's Day will probably bend in favour of Mario Kart 7 multiplayer, catching up on Pokemon Black/White/HG/SS, or finally getting around to Persona 3 Portable on PSP.

      You could always hook up your pc to your tv, if it's an option.

        Yeah it's true. But it inevitably involves keyboard/mouse, and being a Total War game, probably some thought as well. Nothing quite like curling up on the couch/bed with a controller and just zoning out.

        Though I'm excited for Shogun 2, none of the other TW titles in the franchise interested me, but this looks amazing. Also a little daunting. Anyone got any tips/feedback on TW Shogun 2?

    I thought I'd be playing Bastion, but I finished faster than I expected. I thought it was OK - music and art a 10, story an 8.5, gameplay a 6. I also got tired of the narration by the end - its killed any chance of me playing the game again. Still worth $5 though.

    Anyway, I still want a break from Skyrim, so I plan to install Hard Reset.

    Playing Mario Kart 7. Picked it up the other day. Love it.

    Im on my final playthrough of Mass Effect on Insanity for the purpose of achievement grinding. Also this is the Shepard that Im taking into Mass Effect 2 so this run needs to be perfect.

    Also trying to give Fallout 3 a proper go this time. Borrowed it for 360 a year or two ago and never really gave it a chance. Bought it during the Steam sales and installed a butload of mods for it :D

    Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines with some Skyrim for me!

    When my wife is on the PC I will continue palying Mass Effect - I'm nearly done a palythrough I started awhile back after returning to it two nights ago. After that I'm going to start another in ME1 to import to ME2 - this will round out my number of games I can import to ME3 to 5, and should cover most angles.

    When I have access to the PC, I swear I will play KotOR so my $2.49 doesn't go to waste.

      Why do I so consistently typo the world 'play'? Goddamnit.

    Picked up Trine2 last night, such a beautiful looking game and plays quite well. So probably a mix of that & TOR!

    Finally after 2 weeks of not having my rig due to being interstate I can play again! :D!

    Skyward Sword....I'm loving the game, save for two points.

    I hate that by default, Link runs with his Sword out in front. I know its because I'm holding the Wiimote that way, but maybe they could've offset it, y'know? He just looks stupid, not swinging his arms while runnning...

    The second thing that pisses me off everytime is the whole jumping on and off your bird thing from Skyloft. The fact that it has to load completely ruins what could've been an awesome mechanic. On top of that you can't choose where to land on Skyloft (specifically anyway) and the sailcloth comes out automatically, which takes away so much of the players sense of control.

    Whew! Glad I got that off my chest. Its still a good game despite these things, but unfortunately the game will never have the sense of freedom and exploration that Wind Waker had (which it could have exceeded).

      Also, this game is just dying to be in HD....also unfortunate.

      Maybe they should have called it Frontward Sword?

    Well I just finished Trine 2, and am over Skyrim at the moment, so I guess its BF3 and Hawx.
    Fingers crossed Dead Island is 50-75% some time in the last 3 days of the Steam sale. I'm yet to buy a game in this years holiday sale.

    Ass Creed Rev still hasn't arrived from OzGameShop *sniff* so it'll either be Skyrim (After restarting, has become a bit of a grind... still good, though) or Dead Space 2 (Um... meh? Thought it would be better).

    Kinda hoping Ass Creed arrives for New Years, actually, as I too do not drink and need something to make it feel special, dammit! :)

    I'll likely be 'lady of nighting' my way through steam achievements as part of the winter sale

    Ill be at a rave in Byron probably on another planet. Sunday? Xenoblade

    No NYE plans for me, so I'll probably just be sitting here on the computer as usual. And/or playing some 3DS. $14 Steel Diver, aww yeah. Just gotta beat the Expert missions with the second two subs now. Then gotta have a go of those time trials.

    i bought dead space 2 in the steam sales, so that will be played, also more Super Monday Night Combat and i will be going to a mates place on new years eve to play some 8 player LAN halo :D

    I'll more the likely be playing Skyrim.

    Portal 2 again... :D

    Started Deus Ex: HR last night - fantastic game - will be working on that this weekend and playing some Battlefield 3, Saints Row The Third and Arkham City also

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