Beautiful Azeroth Is Pretty Beautiful...

You may remember we posted the first video in the Beautiful Azeroth series — a video series focusing on World of Warcraft and just how gorgeous the game really is, despite being released all the way back in 2004. The latest in the series focuses on Outland and it may be the best one yet.

I realise all of the cool MMO kids have made the migration Star Wars: The Old Republic, but as someone who never made the journey to Azeroth, this is a pretty damn good look at what made such a gorgeous place to exist in for all those years.

Thanks Paul!


    I still watch things like this, or listen to the soundtracks and it always makes me think about memories of playing it and miss the game.
    I don't think any other game will have that effect on me, ever.

      Same, reminds me of the first toon i ever rolled, I sat down to eat my bread between kills, and take in the scenery.

      I wanted to explore everywhere in that game, and long before there was an achievement for it. I'd see something I hadn't seen before, and I wanted to climb that mountain/go through that cave/find the next big city.

      My friend and I setting foot in the massive city of orgrimmar is one of my fondest gaming memories!

      Exploring hasn't really been the same since in other games, but I am yet to buy Skyrim!

    WoW had some beautiful zones for the technology used, especially if you have a machine powerful enough to max out the draw distance and everything at high resolutions. There's some places in Outland and Northrend, especially Northrend which are amazing with big draw distances, simply because of the density of stuff you see in them. Also they're zones designed to be seen from the air, where the vanilla world even post-cataclysm really wasn't (for example in some zones you simply can't get high enough to be able to get any appreciation for their scope).

    Zangarmarsh remains my favourite zone in the game.

    So many memories (and lost months of my life)

    Youtube Muffins Wow Exploration if these tickle your fancy.

    I did not get sick of WOW, I got sick of MMOs in general and their subscription fees. Having said that, if WOW ever dropped their pricing or went FTP then I would pick it up again. I loved my Dwarf Pally.

    Every Winter i have to fight back the urge to start up WoW again (it was Winter when i first started). Videos like this don't help!

    Blizzards art direction in WoW is phenomenal, and despite the date graphics, some of the zones at the right time of day are just amazing.

    Find those moments were some of the best parts of the game, to me at least.

    I hate WOW because it killed Warcraft 4. Simple as that. Story cannot be conveyed in MMO's. None of your actions have any real weight or consequence because the story resets every 5 minutes anyway. I will say though that I could (and have) played levels 1 to 30 for the Horde over and over without getting bored.

      This is the same reason I hate WOW it killed proper Warcraft games. Loved Warcraft 1,2 and 3 now they have their cash cow there is no way ActiBlizzard will make Warcraft 4 and that makes me a sad panda. Looking how well SC2 turned out we can only hope one day a proper new Warcraft game will get made.

    The first time i walked into Zangarmarsh was the best part of the Burning Crusade expansion, that zone is in my opinion the most artist and cleverly designed part of the expansion.

    For all the hate WoW gets, WoW's the only MMO that's ever 'gotten' it.

    And for me, I also loved Zangarmarsh.

    Dont make me fall off the wagon by posting these clips please.

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