Check Out What Ex-Team Bondi Staff Are Wearing These Days…

Check Out What Ex-Team Bondi Staff Are Wearing These Days…

Not too much I can say here, but I think these t-shirts are entirely appropriate!

Thanks Guy!


    • some developers dedicate most of their life to their dev team, and bondi was as close with the company as any other dev, their simply paying tribute to what they love.

    • It was in good humour. My husband has one and I believe the t-shirts were organised by Brendan. I thought it was hilarious 🙂

      • Those of us who were left at Team Bondi when it closed up, and opted to move over to KMM, got given these shirts as a Christmas gift from Brendan. We were the “survivors”, so to speak. I don’t know what you’re referring to about a “horrible experience”, though.

        I personally think the shirts are great and in good humour. Was also a nice token of recognition, many of us put a lot of years of work into TB. We’re not being bitter, we have moved forward now, it’s just looking back on the whole situation and having a bit of a laugh about it.

        • My mistake, based on what I’ve read about the development of L.A. Noire I assumed things didn’t end well. I’m glad I’m wrong. You guys did an amazing job with the game, though. I was sad to see Team Bondi close.

          • I heard Rockstar had to go in there and really kick some asses to get the game finished. But I also heard that the staff were forced to work a ton of extra hours so I guess it equals out, I thought the shirts were half referring to that.

  • New Reality TV Series!
    Survivor: Australian Videogame Industry.
    Which studio will have it’s torch put out this week? Only time will tell.

      • Thank God someone else can see it.That logo looks a hell of a lot like a tsunami and then the “Survivor”. I can see some people getting the wrong idea.

        Obviously not a criticism of the shirt or the message and I totally get that the wave is the Team Bondi logo. Just wondering if anyone who has one has gotten some raised eyebrows.

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