Doom Developers Hit With Layoffs

An "undisclosed number" of staff at Doom and RAGE developers id Software have been let go. [Gamasutra]


    My hopes for Doom 4 just took a kick in the nuts. =(

    Also, great article Plunkett, you've outdone yourself again.

      Joystiq had this article and provided more information. In the article it stated that current employees working on Doom 4 are not being let go, it is only the ones that worked on Rage. This is the policy that Id's parent company has for working on games and when they are finished so rest assured that Doom 4 will continue without any staff problems.

        Well that's good to know. I still think Rage got a bad rap. I picked it up in the Steam bundle over Christmas and have found it to be pretty good so far. Not ground breaking, but a lot of fun. Maybe I got on board after all the technical issues were ironed out. *shrug*

        Fingers crossed Doom 4 is cause for me to soil myself.

          All I want is Cyberdemons. In fact, ID should put Cyberdemons in all their games. Sales would rocket, I tell ya. :)

          STOP IT BARRY! You're giving more detail in one paragraph than Kotaku US does in one month... jeeeez.

    Rage confirmed to me that Carmack should stick to his inane twitter jabber because he hasn't made a good game since 1999.

      Resting on ones laurels is always the best way to go about things.

      Also, digging the hell out of this new Twitter-style of article that Luke is pushing, really gets down and dirty with the facts and background.

    Infomation overload. WARNING WARNING

    Congratulations on the indepth, informative article!

    Relax guys, ID's just let go of the iots.

      You take that back! My father was an iot and his father before him! We're a proud, respectable people and this racial based layoff will not stand!

      We're iots! United! We'll never be defeated!

    you mean Rage won't -ever- get fixed now?


    not that I was expecting it to, I just wanted to mention AGAIN, how pissed I am I can't return their POS game that doesn't run on AMD/ATI gear and was so broken out of the box it took me hours and hours to even get it beyond the initial cut screen. Wherein it looked like a chessboard missing all the white bits.

    Fuck you ID. Never again. Hope the whole damn company is dissolved.



      I see what you did there...

      Not to belittle your problems with the game chief, but I had it running on my AMD/ATI hardware without problems on launch day.

    For a more indepth article on the Id layoofs....go here

      Or get someone other than Plunkett to write an article. It's really jarring to read a high quality article that the Aus editorial team writes, only to see one liners like this on the same feed.

    This is why you shouldn't have sold out to Bethesda/ZeniMax.

    I'll wait until RAGE is a bargain bin PC game before I try it - So give it 4 - 8 weeks and I can report back.

    Christ, why the hell is Plunkett still employed at Kotaku? Seriously this is a pathetic article even for him!

    You couldnt even take the two minutes to atleast write a paragraph? Wtf am I going to this site for when I can go to others and not feel like they are just after my clicks? Screw kotaku.

    Good riddance to the company who made RAGE.

    To be fair guys, not all the US staff are completely incompetent. Just look at that Dark Souls article we had a couple of days ago, that was amazing.

      That was written by a freelance writer not KotakuUS staff.

        LOL @ Kotaku us

        You loveable bastard.

          Referring to me or the bear?

    I've laid cables that were more informative that this lame excuse for an article. Nice effort Flunkett. Don't give up your day job...

    I have played rage and can understand the layoffs....what a shite game

    Hopefully y'all get paid by the word. Cause Luke deserves 4c for that news story. Amazing journalism. Now I'll go Google so I can get the rest of the story. Pathetic!

    "plunkett" heh

    "article" hehehe

    Id can die for all i care. they are not the developers they once were. save for john carmacks programming genious.

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